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how to deal with a "type mismatch in expressions" in Microsoft Access?

I am trying to join two tables together (Client and Technician) but when I run the query it says "type mismatch in expressions" I can't figure it out and it says nothing in my textbook about it...any suggestions?


Thanks :) I figured out what I did wrong literally the same time I got an answer from you that you answered my question. thanks :)

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    This error mesage usually occurs when you've used the wrong data type in the criteria for one of your fields. For instance, if you've added text criteria to a field that contains numbers.

    So, the first thing to do is check that the criteria you have written match the data types of the fields you have added the criteria to - pay particular attention to any Lookup fields you might have created. Lookup fields in Access may appear to contain text, but may actually store a number.

    If that's not the issue get back to me!

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