Can King Kenny revolutionize Liverpool?

I think if he is given time, which he will, he will lead Liverpool to many trophies, once again, he was the one who signed Suarez and Enrique, who are real stars as well as giving players like Martin Kelly, John Flanagan and Jack Robinson a chance which Roy never did, i think he will bring even bigger stars in the January transfer window with the likes of Christian Eriksen and many others rumoured to be on our radar, then we can step, with the other big teams again, without being told that we dont have a chance at the EPL title, and then maybe the BARCLAYS PL will finally be ours!


its not going to be fully British, he bought players like Suarez, Enrique, and Coates, and looks to be getting more foreign players,

Update 2:

Karthi- he is also the same man who signed Alan Shearer and made him into a goalscoring machine, he is also the same man who signed Suarez, and he is buying young players too, like Coates will be one of many, ofc we will spend, any team who wants to be top spends, like Chelsea, and Manchester United, Real Madrid and Barca

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    9 years ago
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    he has.. did you not see Liverpool under Roy. just awful i tell u. i use to want to fall asleep. but now under KENNY. he totaly changed it. we lost to Stoke, but we domanted them. and if a "domation" like that. was when Liverpool was having a "bad day" then WOW!

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    9 years ago

    He is the same man who signed Carroll lol......

    Signing unknown,underrated players n turning them in to worldclass players is what a great manager does. Kenny is doing what any other manager does spend spend and spend.

    lol ? Suarez was already considered as worldclass when he was in Ajax .Coates ? He hasnt even played 3 games under kenny and you are already calling him worldclass.

    Look at what Wenger did with Arsenal.You will know the meaning of the word revolutionize.

    Wenger revolutionized EPL not just Arsenal

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    Lets wait for the Jan Window when Real Madrid or Barca or one of the otehr clubs in the CL come looking for an uncuptied Suarez.....will he revolt to get that dream

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    Oh dear,because you did not copy this from " a hero he will be at cfc".

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  • If he plagiarizes the way you just have.

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    Your english seems very good!

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