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my friends daughter is thinking of moving to france to protect her unborn baby from a enforced care order?

the relationship between the mother and daughter are very close would it be legally possible to give the baby over to the mother so that the baby is protected while the daughter continues her relationship with the fatherr

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    It sounds like you are asking about a woman giving custody of her unborn baby to the grandmother. I am guessing the biological father did something that would cause the courts to determine that he is a danger to the unborn child. The mother is then ordered to cease contact with the baby's father or face criminal child endangerment charges or some such thing, am I correct?

    You want to know if the baby can be in the grandmother's custody, and the mom can see both her baby and boyfriend and stay in the same country. Is this correct?

    What did the father do? It must be something significant and I would worry about your friend's daughter's safety as well as her unborn grandchild.

    Please give more information to help me better understand the situation.

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