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If such awards existed, who would be candidates for the Anti-awards?

Like the anti MVP, CY Young, Rookie of the year,? people who are horrible but really shouldnt be.

AL Anti MVP-easy, Adam Dunn

NL Anti MVP-Jayson Werth. his performance this season was underwhelming

AL Anti Cy Young- try and pick between Burnett and Lackey lol.

NL Anti Cy Young-Arroyo

AL Anti ROY-I'll nominate the Jays own Kyle Drabek. not the performance we expected. but still, theres time to improve

NL Anti ROY-Anthony Rizzo. i expected him to burst out onto the scene like Lawrie and Jennings. but has been very underwhelming, hitting under .200. but again, he's a rookie. theres time to improve

BQ: If allt he last place teams played their own playoffs who would win it all. the AL teams are the O's, the Twins, the Mariners, and Royals. the NL teams would be the Florida, Houston, San Diego, and Cubs. (im not asking for the worst, im asking for the best)

i think the O's and Florida would face off in the championship, Florida would win. on paper, they really arent a bad team

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    AL anti-MVP: Adam Rosales: .074, no hits since Jun 30th. His OBP is .148.

    NL anti-MVP: Craig Counsell: After going hitless in July, he has only 8 hits in the last two months.

    AL Anti Cy Young: I'll go with Fausto Carmona, 6-15 with a 5.26 ERA...former All Star too

    NL Anti-CyYoung: JA Happ, 6-15 with a 5.59 ERA.

    Al Anti-ROY: Chris Carter. He started his career last yera like 0-30. Then finished the season somewhat strong, but this year, hes batting .133 and was worse than before.

    NL Anti-ROY: Brandon Crawford. Looked very promising after hitting that grand slam to start his career, but his a dysmal .193.

    I think the Royals would face the Marlins. I agree with you that Marlins arent a bad team and I dont think Royals are either. Royals have a lot of great young hitters.

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    OK, here are my Prime (') Awards.

    NL MVP' - Craig Counsell, Milwaukee Brewers

    AL MVP' - Adam Dunn, Chicago White Sox

    NL CYA' - Chris Volstead, Florida Marlins

    AL CYA' - Jon Lackey, Boston Red Sox

    ALRotY' - Danny Duffy, Kansas City Royals

    NL RotY' - Jerry Sands, LA Dodgers

    BQ: Mariners vs. Marlins, with the Mariners winning.

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    Oh so you mean like "Least Valuable Player?"

    *Note: The LVP Cy Young does not have a glove with a baseball, it shows a picture of a pitcher with his back turned to the mound as he is walking back to dugout after his manager has come to fetch him from his own death on the mounds.And also note it cannot be called the CY Young because we cannot simply add Cy Young names to an LBP award, therefore I motion the award be called the AJ Burnett/John Lackey Award.*

    American League LVP AJ Burnett/John Lackey Award: John Lackey and AJ Burnett can share the award.

    American League LVP: Vernon Wells

    National League VLP Burnett/Lackey Award: Carlos Zambrano

    National League LVP: Jason Werth

    *Note: The LVP simply is simply an engraved picture of an oversized contract.

    LVP World Series: Balitmore Orioles vs. Houston Astros with neither team winning as both teams will probably decline the invitation.

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    Anti Cy Young, if I had a vote, AJ Burnett.

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    Anti-Ugly-CJ Wilson--he's beautiful! :)

    hahah but in all seriousness...Anti AL MVP-Alex Rodriguez

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