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My teacher is putting me en pointe early?

I train at The National Ballet School of Poland. I got accepted about a month ago and I have taken ballet for 6 months. My teacher said we will be starting pointe in about 2 weeks! Isn't this way too early? I would rather start at 15 and be ready then at 13 and not be ready. Many of their students have started pointe early and gotten into companies like The Royal Danish Ballet. The National Ballet School of Poland is one of the better ones in Europe. Is it okay for me to go on pointe after 6 months of training?

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    I am having a hard time on deciding on how to answer this and not give others here the wrong idea. It really is too early, however under the right supervision and if you truly have natural ballet gifts like always instinctively engaging your turnout and not sickling, which is very rare, there are some exceptions. You also need naturally strong, ankles, feet, legs and core. Dancers like Misty Copeland were able to go en pointe in the less than usual amount of time. If you really were born with great killer feet you will have some stability problems too. Most likely you will be at the barre and not doing very much for awhile. I doubt if they would let you do more than that if you aren't stable and ready. I have seen video of your school and although they have lovely lines and excellent form, they aren't the strongest of dancers and tend to wobble a bit more than one would expect them too en pointe. Perhaps that is because they are up too early. I wouldn't know for sure.

    This has more to do with your facility for ballet than it does with anything else at this point. I really hate answering this question and I am afraid I will be misinterpreted to suite other dancers without your natural gifts. If you let me know when you have read this, I would ask you to either delete this question or let me delete my answer.

    *Edit for another answer given: Any teacher who puts an 8 year old en pointe should be arrested for child abuse! There is no way her foot plates have closed and she will go through life with both deformed feet and major foot problems. Potentially great dancers have had their careers ruined by going up too young before their feet have finished growing.

    Source(s): My daughter is a professional dancer. I worked for NYCB (New York City Ballet)
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    I think 13 is a good age to start pointe, but only 6 months of ballet is a little rushed. But if your feet and ankles are strong enough, and if your teacher thinks your ready, then you should be fine en pointe :)

    Source(s): En pointe at age 13 after a year of ballet
  • really when doing pointe there is no certain age area. It is when you are ready and strong enough to go on pointe. I started pointe at either 11 or 12 and have been doing it for quite a while. Now i will say that i didn't have the best of teachers, they allowed me to start developing bad habits which i am now trying to break. but back to the pointe, no pun intended, you will most likely be at the barre at first for a while till they think ( and you think) you are are strong enough to venture away from the bar. But if you feel like you are not ready maybe you should ask your teacher to wait off till you feel strong enough or try going on pointe and seeing how it feels and make your decision from there. I hoped this helped!

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    If your teacher says you're ready, then you are ready. A lot of girls at my dance studio started around 12-13, so that's our average age. If you start en pointe early, you have a good future ahead of you in pro dancing.

    Oh, and there is this little girl as my studio, she's eight, and she's already doing pointe, and she's really good!

    Source(s): I'm a dancer!
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