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How to properly care for these puppies?

Okay so i adopted a female dog who just had a litter of puppies. She had been abused, and we saved her from a puppy mill. She has 4 pups, and hey are only 1 week old. Rescued her 3 days ago. I plan on helping her puppies, taking good care of them, and finding them great homes, then getting the mom fixed. She is a Pitbull, but i am not sure what the puppies would be, i don't think they are purebred because they come from a puppy mill and who knows what they could be mixed with. Anyways, i really want to make sure these puppies grow up to be very healthy. For vet checks and shots, how often should they go? Which shots should they need? And do i need to bring them every 2-3 weeks to get shots or no? As you can see, i have never had experience raising puppies, so any information is very much appreciated! The pups will only be re homed at the age of 12 weeks, and the mom will be fixed as soon as the last puppy finds a home!


They rescued all these dogs from this puppy mill. How is it strange? People stop puppy mills, and all the dogs need to be adopted, so i helped out by taking this girl home.

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    They need to be housed in a draft-free whelping box away from all other household pets. The whelps are getting all their nutrition needs met by mom for another three weeks, so have her on a high quality food such as Taste of The Wild, Wellness, Innova, etc. from a pet/feed supply store. Take mom out on a leash for regular potty trips. Close the whelping room door behind you so other animals cannot get near the pups. When the pups are weaned (I'll paste a weaning schedule below) and about eight or nine weeks old, they can get their first vaccinations. You'll do another vaccination three weeks later before they go to their new homes. Mom can be vaccinated at that time and spayed.

    Weaning Puppies

    From birth to age four weeks the whelps should be getting all their nutrition from mother. From age four weeks to age eight weeks, the puppies are slowly transitioned onto solid food with a mixture of solid food and warm puppy formula. Puppies are fed four times per day from age four weeks until age ten to twelve weeks. The “flying saucers” help keep the puppies from walking in their dinner, but any flat, low-sided pan may be used, such as a baking tray. Keep mom away from the food until the puppies are playing more than eating and then let her in to clean the dish and the pups.

    If feeding a raw diet, the food will need to be ground for them before being mixed with puppy formula. The fineness of the grind can be reduced each week as their jaws gain strength. They will need thicker bones chopped for them up to age four months.

    If feeding a commercial diet, then either soak the kibble or use a food processor to mix the kibble and puppy formula.

    Week Four - a thick slurry, also known as “puppy smoothies”

    Week Five - like cooked oatmeal, with little soft lumps

    Week Six - has chunks in the “oatmeal”, dinner takes a few minutes longer because it now needs to be chewed instead of slurped

    Week Seven - mostly solid pieces, just slightly softened, can sprinkle powdered formula over solid food and add warm water before serving

    Week Eight - solid food with warm water added just before serving, the formula can be deleted

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    they would be best to be taken to the vets for a wellness check as soon as possible

    the pups and mom should be wormed at 2,4,6,8 and 10 weeks then monthly

    this you should get the wormer from the vets he will let you know what is needed when you take them for the wellness check

    shots are usually started at 6 weeks old

    and depending on the vaccines the vet uses they may need 2-3 shots before going to the new home

    mom should be eating puppy chow this is for the extra nutrition for the raising of the pups

    just an idea the pups can go at 8-10 weeks no reason for the bigger breeds to stay that long

    the pups at 4 weeks old should begin to be weaned on moistened dry puppy food

    if you are selling the pups you may want to check about the laws of selling pups in your area

    Source(s): breeder 25_+ years certificate in animal science worked in vets offices
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    if he's three months old, he should be eating puppy food. the back of the bag will usually indicate how much he should be eating according to his weight and age in months. it's up to you how many times a day you should feed him. anywhere from two to four times is acceptable. as for hygiene, if he's really dirty, then give him a bath. I've found that if you fill up the tub with water before you put the puppy in, you'll save the both of you quite a bit of trouble. use shampoo sparingly, keep it out of his eyes, and try to use a hypoallergenic brand. you can get a finger brush and dog toothpaste for his teeth. if you introduce these things slowly and don't lose your patience, your dog should do ok with them. you should try crate training him. that's where you buy a travel kennel and your puppy spends time inside it. you should put him in his crate whenever you can't see what he's up to or if you can't pay 100% attention to him. it's easier to house train your puppy that way. buy a kennel, or crate, that is just big enough for your puppy to turn around in. that way he'll learn to hold his bladder instead of just peeing and pooping right away whenever the need arises. As long as you don't leave your puppy inside the crate for days on end, crate training is a good way to ensure your puppy is used to traveling, sleeping in an enclosed space, and knows where to go potty. also, make sure he's up to date on all his vaccinations. the last thing you want is a sick puppy. i would also recommend getting flea and tick preventative as well as heartworm preventative. you can buy either of these at a pet store. and make sure to love him!

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    Well done for rescuing there pups and their mum, start by ensuring mum is fed a good quality food which will help her produce quality milk for the pups, de worm the mother immediately, and de worm the pups when they are 2 weeks old using panacur oral suspension or something similar that kills all worms including toxacara, the pups will then need worming every two weeks until they are ten or twelve weeks, is far as inoculations are concerned my vet will not vaccinate pups when they are 8 weeks and again at 10 weeks, i would get them micro chipped as well before allowing them to go to their new homes.

    At this young age mum will do most of the work just ensure she is getting the nutrition she needs, pups will be ready to go to their new holmes at 8 weeks of age, give any potential owners a small bag of the food they are already weaned on to along with a blanket with their scent on.

    Good luck im sure you will be fine

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    I would take them when they're eight weeks for their first set, I'm pretty sure that's all that they need for then, but call the vet and ask him just to make sure, also, I would recommend scheduling an appointment for a vet's checkup, just to make sure they're ok.

    When they are 6-7 weeks try to start introducing them to solid foods. Maybe some soft dry food, (I recommend Blue Buffalo)

    Have fun with the puppies!

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  • 8 years ago

    Not sure what you are asking other than how to care for the puppies. That is easy, just look up raising a litter of puppies or raising new born pups or any kind of wording similar.

    What I don't understand is you bought a mama dog with pups from a Puppy Mill, is that right? I have never heard of that before. Puppy Mills do not adopt out pups, they sell them for outrageous prices. This just sounds very odd.

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  • 8 years ago

    when the puppies will be 45 days you have to start with the shots. and then every 2 weeks. they need the shots of parvovirus first and then they will be the quintuple and when they will be 3 month they need the antirabies. also the puppies need the desparasitacion at 3 week of age.

    you have to start to feed the puppies with solid food at the age of 3 weeks.

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