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What are the swing and/or ball speeds for the Fujikura Motore 60 gram shaft, reg. and stiff?

The clubs are Cobra Baffler Rail F Fairway Woods

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    Do we get information or do you want us to call golf smith for you?


    graphite of any flex: under 100 mph or so

    Steel: pretty much 100-max

    But these kind of things are hardly important. If it means that much, go to a golf store. Or tell us more information about your swing.

    Idk what my swing speed is, but all i know is its faster than anyone I've met yet. maybe 1 or 2. not sure. Anyways, I have used graphite my whole life, its easier and more forgiving, specially on those woods.

    Thats such a nice club, really you need to just let the club do the work. Don't get too much club speed on those, you want to just loosen the hands and get some pop, get the ball flight the club is designed for.

    reg would be like 90. stiff would be like 100'

    this is like a test question. God I'm bored.

    If you want lower ball flight just adjust.


    Source(s): 5 handicap. 15 years. 350+. 200 PW.
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