What has S.Sudan and Israel have in common?

Both achieved UN membership after less than a year of forming their own state and yet Palestine is still trying after 60 years. Israel claims that Hamas are firing rockets at Israel and yet when Israel applied they were already attacking Arab villages killing and driving thousands into exile. Why is the US so blind to this fact.? Both Israel and the US should do the right thing and give Palestine its membership now so that any future peace talks can at least start of on level terms

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    Israel was created by European fanatics a state for all Jews in the world in a densely populated Arab land. Which resulted in the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Arabs and the destruction of their entire towns and villages by Zionist thugs. Those Arab refugees and their children are until this day not allowed to return just because they are not Jews. Israel already identified itself, a state where Jews must be the vast majority by all means on as much Arab land as possible. Here, first Israeli leaders by their own words:


    South Sudan was created after massacres against its population by Gaddafi's mercenaries. Israel was created by massacres and expulsion of native population. So the population of South Sudan where victims, but the population of what we know today as Israel were and still are the aggressors and colonizers of Arab lands. Sudan did not bribe UN and threat its members to death if they do not vote for South Sudan, like what Jews and Zionist fanatics did in 1947 UN Partition of Palestine.

    @azonshin link is full of historical lies and should not be viewed as credible source. The real reason why Palestinians do not have a state is because Israel wants the territory of Palestinian state but not the Arabs who are living there. There is no better proof than the settlements and the words of the Israeli Prime Minister himself in a leaked video ( http://www.redress.cc/palestine/jcook20100724 ). He also claim that he needs the West Bank for security reasons, and at the same time he approves the building of Jew-only settlements there for pure colonial purpose in clear violation of the international law to make any future Palestinian state impossible. Which is why their version of a Palestinian state is a semi-state of islands surrounded by Jewish settlers and soldiers. And when Palestinians refuse that "generous" offer, they are blamed for being under occupation, colonization, and for not having a state. And the main reason for Arab exodus according to secret Haganah archives uncovered by Benni Morris was the Jewish terrorism against Arabs and the fear which they created in nearby villages. Arab League told the Palestinians to stay in their lands. But why they left is not the most important thing but why are they denied the right of return? All people leave during wars and conflicts and return when the war is over, why not the Palestinians?


    Actually, Israeli ministry of foreign affairs does not make your video more credible but only more bias. That so called offer in Camp David excluded East Jerusalem and a solution to the refugees problem, and no land in exchange for the annexed settlements. And the annexed territories would be deeply inside the Palestinian territory so Israel would be in control of the Palestinian freedom of movement. To educate yourself more( http://current-magazines.atholbooks.org/readers/fu... ) Here is another funny offer by Israeli leaders:


    The Jew-only settlements are the Jew-only housing units built in the West Bank including East Jerusalem. According to the International Court of Justice, international community, UNSC, and the whole world, they are illegal. So whether Israel has peace with the Palestinians or not does not legalize the construction of these settlements. But this rises the question of why does Israel build settlements on a land it claim is held for security reason? More settlements means more lands to protect them! And then, the reason for the occupation changes from security claims to settlement claims as Netenyahu said "Israel can't return to the 1967 because it will leave too many Israelis beyond Israel's official borders". And Palestinians never agreed on the settlements to exist, not in Oslo or elsewhere.

    "are you saying that with jews living there there cannot be a palestinian state" Netenyahu is saying that not me. Jews are living there in illegal settlements. Which means Palestinian Authority has all the right not to accept them within the internationally recognized Palestinian territories.

    And yet we don't have any record of an order for 1000000 Arabs in Palestine to leave? We do have records of Zionist thugs broadcasting in Arabic urging the Palestinians to leave. There is also a letter dated 8 March 1948 from the Arab Higher Committee which specifically asks the Arab governments to cooperate in preventing Palestinians from leaving the country (The Palestine Diary, PLO Research center - 1970). And it is not what Benni Morris says, but about what he was able to uncover from Hagana archives that they admitted causing the Palestinian exodus.

    Did Jews ever ask officially to return to their original countries? No, but Palestinians did.

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    Way to make up history.

    It's part of the anti-Israeli PR to make up history to suit themselves.

    And make no mistake - they aren't "Pro-Pal." They merely hate Israel or Jews or are pro-Arab domination of the Middle East.

    The Palestinians supporting a UN bid - are AVOIDING A PEACE agreement with Israel. They want a country without agreeing to peace - because too many want ALL of Israel to be theirs. Their own media covers this: http://www.palwatch.org,/ as they describe northern Israeli towns as "part of Palestine."

    Back to '48:

    Jews in the region were attacked by Arabs going back to early 1920s. They were killed & driven out of their homes, on land they'd bought. Jews were offered a tiny citystate around Tel Aviv, & the Arabs turned down even that as too much for the Jews.

    Between the time of the UN vote & the actual announcement of Israel - Arabs attacks Jews as a result of the vote. By then Jews had formed militias to protect themselves (& to do battle with Britain that was restricting Jewish immigration.) So Arabs & Jews fought, & Jewish militias were called into areas where Jews were being attacked.

    So you're claim of Israel doing anything - avoids the real context of the times. Arabs were attacking Jews, going way back -- and Jews forming self-rule was considered a threat. Even though a democracy that invited local Arabs to be equal citizens. Also, most Arabs left the region at the call of their OWN leadership, without ever seeing an Israeli soldier! Most Arabs were new immigrates from AFTER the Jews developed the region, & left without any military contact...

    So your version of history - is just self-made propaganda. Which begs the question - how to you move the middle east forward & make peace, when this kind of attitude of evicerating Israel with creative verbal assaults, is floating around so strongly.

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    South Sudan wants to buy arms and Israel wants to sell arms.

    Hey, I'm Israeli. I'm realistic about the nature of diplomacy.

    I mean what does Micronesia and Israel have in common except for that!

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    Whats the difference between S.Sudan and Palestine ?

    Palestine tried to get a country by force and terrorism while s.sudan done it with their brains

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    75% of Israelis have some form of Higher degree or a doctorate research level

    Sudanese by comparision cant even count up to 10

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    the reason palestinians have not yet achieve their country is explained pretty well in here:


    Youtube thumbnail

    and here:


    Youtube thumbnail

    and, israel has claimed numerous times (and did so again a few days ago) that israel will be the first nation to vote for a palestinian state if only they recognize israel as a jewish state and signing a peace agreement on which they will negotiate.

    oh and one last thing, the palestinian refugees, most of which are to blame on the arab nations (see below), are the product of an arab/palestinian attempt to massacre all the jews in israel

    """Khalid al-`Azm who was prime minister of Syria from December 17, 1949 to March 30, 1949 listed in his memoirs a number of reasons for the Arab defeat in an attack on the Arab leaders including his own predecessor Jamil Mardam Bey:

    Fifth: the Arab governments' invitation to the people of Palestine to flee from it and seek refuge in adjacent Arab countries, after terror had spread among their ranks in the wake of the Deir Yassin event. This mass flight has benefited the Jews and the situation stablized in their favor without effort. ... Since 1948 we have been demanding the return of the refugees to their homeland, while it is we who constrained them to leave it. Between the invitation extended to the refugees and the request to the United Nations to decide upon their return, there elapsed only a few months."""



    {youtube link is full of historical lies and should not be viewed as credible source}

    youtube links are not good i agree on that, but one of the sources was a video from the israeli ministry of foreign affairs... slightly more convincing then youtube. (the other one wasn't flawed either)

    {The real reason why Palestinians do not have a state is because I...}

    israel already offered the palestinian 100% of the west bank and gaza in previous negotiations (camp david), so no, your assumption is wrong.

    {There is no better proof than the settlements and the confession made by ..}

    the israeli government has many times and said they will continue to in the future evict the settlements for peace, no peace from the palestinians, the settlements stay, simple as that.

    and lol at giving a source that compares israel to nazi germany.. simply show your hate.

    {The same Israeli leader claim that he needs the West Bank for security reasons...}.

    1)he says israel needs about 3% of the west bank in order to protect itself, while israel is asking to keep this land, and give them in return equall amount of land which is not crucial for israel.


    Youtube thumbnail


    (again, official video downloaded to youtube).

    while israel asks to remain present in certain areas, it asks to keep very little.

    2) there are no jew only settlements. they simply do not exist.

    3) the palestinians themselves agreed for the settlements to exist untill final negotiations will determine their final status (oslo if i remember right). so it is perfectly legal.

    and even if all the settlements will remain (which is not going to happen) a palestinian state can still be very much possible, are you saying that with jews living there there cannot be a palestinian state? (you'll at least agree with their point of view..)

    {And that is why their...}

    israel already offered and continue to offer a palestinian state without any of those "islands"

    {And when Palestinians refuse that "generous" offer..}

    bluh bluh occupation colonization, these words sound very good but have very little to none legal accuracy.

    and actually offering the entire west bank with land swaps, no "islands", jerusalem as a shared capitol, and then they still refuse (camp david), yes, we call them stupid.

    {And the main reason for Arab exodus according to secret Haganah archives....}

    there are many people saying different things, some israeli hitorians say that and some say that, some american ones disagree exactly the same, and the arab leaders themselves said they were responsible for most of it.

    {Arab League told the Palestinians to stay in their lands}

    i proved it wrong already

    {But why they left is not the most important....}

    yes, if they left their country, considering they were never citizens of israel they got no legal claim over this law.

    and they cannot return for the same reason why jews can't return to europe and to all the arab nations, and why the palestinians can't return after their mass expulsion from kuwait and such, and why no one almost never is allowd the right of return

    Source(s): and they cannot return for the same reason why jews can't return to europe and to all the arab nations, and why the palestinians can't return after their mass expulsion from kuwait and such, and why no one almost never is allowd the right of return http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Causes_of_the_1948_Pa...
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    Both are full of Sudanese.

    Source(s): Tel Aviv bus depot :)
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    They have both suffered from aggression in the Arab world.South Sudan from slave raids and Israel is a victim of terrorism

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    both were abused and attacked by muslims.

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    The common is that both south sudan and Israel are attacked by Muslim Savages...

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