How do you program a Facebook game?

How long would it take to program a Facebook game (something like Farm Ville or Monster World) and what programming language would be used?

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  • 9 years ago
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    You would use actionscript which is the language that flash uses. However the flash software is about $700. How ever there is some really good software called Multimedia Fusion 2 that has a flash exporter and you can download free extensions of which one is for this very thing. The interface is all click and drag which requires no coding. It also has a flash exporter. The software is about $120 if you get standard and $369 if you get developer, and the flash exporter is about $70. However, if you buy standard and you decide to buy developer they subtract the price of standard. They have a third product called The Games Factory 2 but it cannot install extensions and lacks a lot of features. But it is only about $60 and the flash exporter will work with it. They have 30 day trials of all three and a free Newgrounds Edition of The Games Factory 2 that can only export to flash that will only run on Newgrounds. They also have other neat developer tools. This software is really powerful for the price. Here's a link to the company website

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  • Erika
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    4 years ago

    some coding ones do, such because of the fact the infamous Cheat Engine. yet you should comprehend the thank you to apply them. different ones that declare that they are going to immediately hack for you're pretend, inspite of how actual the advertisements can cause them to sound. in spite of this, you may code your individual hack, yet you should be experienced in CSS, HTML, and Java to be able to swap facebook gaming language.

  • 9 years ago

    ask to facebook officials.

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