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computer seems on the verge of crashing?

what should i do ? it said i needed to back everything up or it could all be lost . luckily for me i've had this happen before and everything is allready on USB sticks , all pictures and resumes stuff there allready but is computer totally finished ?


computer is just an acer not alot of disc space to begin with , windows is giving me warnings saying a hard disk problem has been detected and i could lose all programs and documents on the disk

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  • Jim
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    10 years ago
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    >I would back it up just like it says. It may be that the hard disk is going to crash or the operating system is about ready to crash. So either you are going to have to get a new hard disk soon or you are going to have to reinstall the operating system. If you get a new hard disk, you will have to do both.

    The best thing to do is to see if there are any serious errors on the hard disk by using the checkdisk command, called chkdsk.

    In a command prompt window (you can find the icon under Accessories, Command Prompt), enter the term:

    chkdsk c: /f/r

    The computer will tell you that C disk is busy but would you like to schedule a chkdsk on reboot. Ender "y" for yes and hit return.

    Reboot the computer.

    Keep your hands OFF the computer and let chkdsk start.

    It may take several HOURS to run a chkdsk, depending on how big your C drive is.

    Don't bother the computer or interrupt what it is doing even if it reboots itself.

    Chkdsk will find corrupted sectors and recover lost clusters, file index errors and other common problems which can cause an operating system to crash, but it CANNOT FIX hardware damage, and so if you have hardware damage (physical damage) to the hard disk, you are SOL and will need to replace the hard disk and the operating system.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    You can download Ccleaner here : http://bit.ly/1t3jm44

    To start with open Ccleaner

    To make this concise, beneath is my suggested setup:

    Under web pilgrim check provisional web documents, treats, and last download area. Most clients don't generally require this stuff. keep history and bookmarks unchecked, history is a possibly, however you would prefer not to lose bookmarked locales.

    Run Ccleaner and it will begin erasing documents.

    a while later it will give you an arrangement of the documents erased, you truly don't have to experience it as it will be a few pages long.

    The registry cleaner is proposed for marginally more praiseworthy clients. Use it in the wake of uninstalling projects as they will regularly abandon erroneous registry sections.

    In the event that you choose to run Registry cleaner then audit the things identified and constantly move down the registry (I keep an envelope aside for this)

    The Tools tab gives you a chance to uninstall projects and set startup programs. Why do you require this if Windows has these peculiarities? Particularly with Vista Home Ed. The windows safeguard programming wayfarer( startup programs) doesn't get a few sections (however programming adventurer is less demanding to utilize).

    Utilizing Ccleaner to uninstall projects and after that check for remaining registry passages takes less time.

    Under Options you can decide how Ccleaner cleans your records. I allow this to sit unbothered.

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    I think we require a little more information. Please tell us your operating system and a little about your computer set up including RAM, Hard drive size - use system information to help you

  • Vague.

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