Hi Isaac, You agreed to share your Yahoo! information with dzhang for contacts. If you did not agree to shar?

I don't know who these people are and every time I remove them I keep getting the above email.
I go to my acct. Remove them. But they keep coming back.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Update: One more thing, email is from Yahoo.

account-services-us@cc.yahoo-inc.com <account-services-us@cc.yahoo-inc.com>;
Update 2: Michael, I had to search, but I too was logged in Germany.

Update 3: Wow....I too have a Samsung Fascinate.
Installed a couple of games recentlly from Samsung Apps that came on my phone.
Coincidentally, i've had login issues around the same time.
Update 4: Ok, this is strange.
I have not received emails from dzhang lately.
So I went to my Acct to check the Apps and Connection settings.
Dzhang for contacts IS still there.
I will leave it there for now since they are not pestering me.
Knock on wood.
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