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Can I insure a vehicle with a G1 license?

I just bought my first car and I'm wondering if I can insure it right away, even though I have a G1 license. I can take my G2 road test at any time, but since I have no driving experience, nor can I afford driver's education, I'm not yet prepared until I can drive some more.

I live in Ontario.

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    Very few insurers will be willing to insure a G1 licensed driver as a principal operator. The ones that will, well you may want to be sitting down when you hear the price. Contact a local insurance broker (actually be prepared to call several) and see if they can arrange anything for you.

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    G1 Insurance

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    1, Yes, you can certainly get your G1 licence. Insurance costs are depending on the vehicle you drive and pertain to the vehicle only. If you were to be put on as a secondary driver on your parents' car they would have to pay a huge extra premium, though, in the order of several thousand dollars per year. Teenage drivers, regardless of how good you are, are all considered as very high risk of having an accident. 2. The owner of a motorcycle must also have an insurance. Unfortunately, motorcycle insurance is, if anything even more expensive than for a car, and even more so for a teenage motorcycle driver. Don't despair, this all gets better as you get older and more experienced. Your chances of having accident goes down and the insurance premiums too, hitting the lowest numbers around age 25 - unless you have any traffic infraction or accident on record. Then you will pay, big time.

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    Hey i was recently a G1 driver, just passed my road test. I called around for insurance prices and there fairly high, non the less your insurable. I am still a high school student and i have insurance with my g2. G1 license is still a license your just not as insurable . Your rates will be higher but yes you can insure it. Notify them right away when you get your g2 they will lower the rates.

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