So theres this guy... (: Help ! ?

So I have a good friend who I've been hanging out with a lot more now that we go to the same high school. Anyways, during my art class (which I hate) him and 3 of his best friends have a free block where they do movies and film and stuff (cause they're super into it) so anyways, lately I've been skipping part of my art blocks to hang out with them. I smoke weed, not lots but I do, anyways 2 of his friends smoke lots of weed and the 3 of us have been going to the smoke pit during this block and they blaze me. They are really nice and one of them in particular :) Let's say his name is Jake and the other one is Jo so Jake and Jo and I blaze nearly everyday during my art block. So today the 3 of us blazed but it was like the coldest and rainiest and windiest day ever. While we were walking over to the smoke pit I didn't have my jacket so Jake, was like here you can wear my jacket for a bit you look cold. I was fold but I was wearing a long sleeved cardigan and a shirt under and he was only wearing a tank top. So I wore his jacket while we blazed then I gave it back. He's super nice and cute and funny and I really like him... Does it sound like he's interested ? How can I hint that I'm interested ?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Okay he sounds intrested and nice and to hint include him in your future plans like have you seen the preview to that new movie and if his answer isn't yeah we should go together then he doesn't get the signs o and could you answer my question if you get the chance

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