About LOTRO ( lord of the rings online)?

I am downloading the game at the moment. Is there pvping on this game? Or is it just main menu walkthrough? I want to know if you have to do missions and quests all game like in the movie. Or can you just go and fight people or things to level up.

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    yes ,

    It is players versus monster players,

    Since the level cap was recently raised to level 75 the pvmp at the moment is rather slow.

    You can enter pvmp by either playing a creep, which can be accessed from the log in screen.

    Or either making your way to level 40 and traveling to the pvmp zone ( though it is reccommened to level up your freep)

    You also may have to buy pvmp via TP from in in-game store if you have not already.

    Note: you are able to play a reaver on creep side for free though every other class, you must be VIP or buy them with TP.

    !!!!!!!!!!!!! ALERT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lotro pvmp is not for those who expect a fair pvp environment

  • Firstly I will tackle the PvP question,

    There IS, in fact, PvP. However, in this game it is known as PvMP (Player versus Monster Player) PvMP only occurs in a specific battleground area--which is very large--and it is called PvMP because you can either play for the Free Peoples of Middle Earth (the player that you normally play with) or the forces of Mordor (monsters, from wargs to trolls respective to your rank). In this battleground realm you face off against your enemies in a tug-of-war that consists mostly of taking over the many castles and forts across the vast and beautiful map. If you are a Player, you can exchange the (honor?) points you receive for killing others, taking areas, etc, for armor and weapons.

    Secondly, the PvE aspect of the game.

    This game does an EXTRAORDINARY job at recreating Tolkien's world. While some places--such as Mordor or Gondor--haven't been released yet, nearly all of the places crossed in the fellowship's journey you can cross too. This would only make sense, because although you can pursue many side quests, the main quests that you engage in force you to follow the footsteps of the Fellowship; for one quest, you even have to put out a fire that Pipin left burning. Or, of course, you can always "grind." On top of the quests are a great many instances, the final of which are very challenging (more so than most MMORPG games I have played). But it goes beyond the fellowship's journey, into the rest of Middle Earth, places to the north, west and south that are fascinating to see.

    The game on a whole is very enjoyable, and the greater aspects that I have not explained in full depth I will list below:

    - Amazing Graphics; some of the best graphics of any MMORPG I have seen (and they get better with every patch or so)

    - Free Expansions: If you are a member ($15/month), the expansions are free.

    - Uniqueness: From the way you call your horse, to farming and smoking tobacco, to playing music on your instrument of choice, this game is riddled with unique features that are definitely enjoyable.

    I played this game for a good while, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Give it a chance, and I'm sure you will too.

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