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High School advice please!:) Easy 10 points!?

I started high school about 3 weeks ago & already i've had 3 tests & I have 3 tomorrow! Alot of homework and alot of thinking. Besides the whole school work aspect, my personal life is changing too. I've lost a few friends, gained more. Now heres the big part. A few days ago this guy texts me who I know but barely. He was talking about his exgrilfriend ( one of my new friends) & their break up. So i was talkin to him for a while & then the next day after school i got a text from him. I didnt answer back because I don't want to get involved in alot of drama, & if she found out that I was even talking to him she'd hate me. Yesterday I went out to lunch with this guy & my friend. Theres nothing going on between us, but after school that day he texted me. He takes forever to text back so we were texting up until 1030 that night, just talkin about everything. Then theres this other guy, who I did like for a huge time a few years ago.. Im in his school now and I always see him looking at me. He has a girlfriend though, so idk.. He lives near me, so he gets off the bus at the same stop as me. Today he told me my jeans were a little long (because my legs are short, I normally wear skinnies though). I thought it was odd that he would notice. Can anyone help me, just give me advice on everything, espeicllay guys! Keep in mind the three of those guys are 2 years older than me. Ill best answer the best one:)

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    Ok so there are alot of guys so ill go one by one

    It is a good thing u did not txt him back bcuz u do not want to get involved in that drama

    The guy u and ur friend went to lunch with i dont really see anything there beside maybe yall will become close friends

    Maybe he just wanted to talk to u so said something about your jeans and he was probablly thinking about u thats y he keeps looking at u i think or just wants to say hi but cant catch u looking to say hi

    So thats what i think about the 3 guys but just chill i think u should go for the guy that u said there is nothing going on between yall(if that was even part of your asking) but highschool will eat you up if you dont remember to have fun and take lots of pictures

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    i graduated high school in 2007. trust me, it's nothing like the movies. my advice to you is to stay away from all drama as much as possible. high school girls are mean and they can be total bitches! even if you consider them friends. girls in high school would give up anything to have the guy they've set their eyes on and they don't care who they hurt on the way to getting them. trust me, i had a couple "friends" who betrayed me because they're "crush" liked me and not them. it's not worth it. save yourself the trouble and drama..stress causes wrinkles. high school is stress enough, you don't need any more. as for guys, give them a shot only if THEY are the ones constantly chasing YOU. if you like him, don't make it obvious. let nature take it's course. take time to get to know him and MAKE SURE he's not tied down by another girl. otherwise your high school career is screwed. oh, don't take it too close to heart when a guy notices something about what you wear, some guys are naturally like that..they like to focus on detail, others are more simple and carefree.

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