Should I buy Kindle fire?

I always thought ipad is a luxury: you can do all the works it does with your laptop. (And I did not want to spend $500 on that!) Now, Kindle Fire is only $200, and it is smaller (hence more portable), I am so into buying one, but my logic still works, doesn't it?: "You can do all the works it does with your laptop!"

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  • Ken
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    8 years ago
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    Yes, you use your laptop to read books, browse the web, watch videos, etc. However, a tablet form-factor and touch screen makes it very convenient for these functions and very portable.

    Advantages of Kindle Fire

    1. Its unique cloud-accelerated "split browser" is optimized for web browsing and multi-media, which are the best functions of tablets.

    2. 7-inch display is very easy to handle and is highly portable.

    3. Its $200 price is very low relative to other tablets.

    Disadvantages of Kindle Fire

    1. No cameras; no SD cards.

    2. 7-inch display shows smaller views of documents and movies than 10-inch displays do.

    3. It's not running the latest version of Android.

  • 8 years ago

    No Bluetooth = no keyboard = no chance of getting any sort of real work done. Get an iPad 2. Its lack of Flash is annoying for media consumption, but more and more sites are supporting HTML 5 -- Youtube, Hulu, HBO Go, etc. -- so it's not that big of a problem.

    I recently bought an iPad -- first tablet -- and have really enjoyed the experience... and it means that it (and a bluetooth keyboard) will be going on my next business trip, rather than my laptop. Less cumbersome and it does everything I tend to need to do -- Skype calls, IM, e-mail, writing -- for work purposes. (Although: I've been told by others that the iPad works great if you're working out of the home 2-3 days... but after about a week, you'll start noticing the things it can't do compared to a laptop. So that may be something to think about.)

    All that said, I'm thinking of getting the Fire. The form factor is appealing and the price point is right on. I'd use it just for carrying on trips into town, where having to carry the iPad around in a messenger bag because it's too large to fit into a large jacket pocket is a bit annoying (and I actually found the weight of it -- with protective "smartcover" attached -- surprisingly non-negligible after a few hours of tramping about.)

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The Kindle Fire is limited in several meaningful ways. For starters, it ships with just 8GB of memory. That isn't a lot of space for the kind of content I can easily envision consumers clamoring to use with the tablet. Surprisingly I got multiple different answers from Amazon execs when I asked them how much space a typical 2-hour movie takes up: The most intelligible of the answers suggested that up to 20 movies could reside on the device at once, but the reply clearly means that, as you amass your digital media collection, you'll need to make hard decisions about what you want to have on your Kindle Fire and when you should have it--not unlike the quandary over what should stay on your DVR. Forget taking the whole five seasons of Babylon 5 with you wherever you go, let alone carrying lots of video if your device is also packed with music. Yes, device media management has the potential to become quite tiresome over time--though just how tiresome is impossible to say until we have working devices in our hands.

  • :P
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    8 years ago

    I am constantly shocked with the new E-Readers that are being released. I love my Kindle Keyboard 3G, because it does what a Kindle is supposed to do- STORE BOOKS.

    If you are looking for an E-Reader Tablet, then it's a great investment, but get the Kindle Keyboard if you only want to read. iPad is a much better investment if you are intending on using it for games and internet.

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  • 8 years ago

    The new Kindle does have a handful of great benefits. One is the ability to store all your content in Amazon's cloud, for free. Another is access to their super fast web browser - Amazon Silk.

    Seems like a great deal overall for $199.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    in my opinion,do the laptop things with laptop,and if you want a pad,just pick kindle fire. because of the appropriate screen size to read,and more light to carry.

    More importantly, the affordable price

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