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Help! My windows XP display is stuck on 4 bit colors and 640x480?

I was going to replace my graphics card, but I found out the new one didn't fit. So I put the old one back in. It ran normally until it reboot itself. Then my colors were messed up, and I could only see a portion of the screen. My video card is Nvidia geforce FX 5200. Thanks in advance.


I try to change the resoloution, but the only option is 4 bit and 640x480.

Update 2:

I have done everything here. When I look at the driver on the device manager, my driver has an explanation point, and gives me this message.

This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (Code 12)

If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system.

Click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device.

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    I am assuming that you attempted to change the screen resolution by right clicking the desktop and clicking ‘Properties’ considering that you mentioned the Screen Resolution and the Color Quality. Follow these steps after making sure the graphics card is fitted properly.

    • Click Start, click ‘Run’, type ‘devmgmt.msc’ and click OK.

    • In the Device Manager, expand the ‘Display Adapter’ section.

    • Right click the driver listed under it and select ‘Update driver software’.

    • Follow the ‘update driver wizard’.

    • If you get a message that the best driver software is already installed, right click the driver and select ‘Uninstall’ instead of ‘Update driver software’ and restart the computer.

    • If the problem still persists, download the display driver from and restart the computer.

    Hope it helped.

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    I agree with the last answer, except he should have told you first power down, unplug your system, and pull your video card back out and put it back in again to make good contact. If you have more than one slot compatible with your card, you can try the other one. That works 95% of the time. Please don't forget to blow off your motherboard before replacing your card again. It is very likely that some dirt or hair could be interfering with the cards contact. Also, if you were touching any of the contact points while handling the video card, wipe them off too. Once your card is back in, and the 'correct power' from your power supply is hooked to the card, boot up. If the problem is the same, then reinstall the nvidia driver. If that doesn't help and you have changed slots if applicable, your card is damaged.

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    You just need to install the latest drivers for your card. Go to Nvidia's support website and download the latest drivers. The FX 5200 is a "legacy" product and no longer in active support so you may have to look for a link on the support site for "legacy" graphics drivers

    Enter the details of your card in the boxes provided here and follow the prompts:

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    Boot up in Safe Mode (Press F8 on before the Windows loading screen) and change the resolution there and/or update drivers.

    Also try selecting 'Last known good configuration' on the F8 selection screen

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