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1. What creature is weakest when it walks on 4 limbs, stronger when it walks on 2, and becomes slightly weaker on 3 than on 2 but is still stronger than when it walks on 4 limbs?

2. What do the numbers 32, 4001, 50, and 11.0021 have in common with the number 5?

3. If back in the day people thought the world was flat, did anyone try to discover the edge of the world?

4. What do you sing while in the shower?

5. What is your usual daydream?

6. What do you think human flesh tastes like when it's cooked?

7. What was the name of the man who invented the Kalshnikov rifle (AK47)?

8. Is BF3 fcuckin awsome or what!?

9. Does Red Orchestra 2 suck harder than a Dyson vacuum cleaner or what!?

10. Where are you right now as you are answering this survey?

11. What will you be doing and where will you be after this survey?

12. Which would apply more to you:

a) I like watching baywatch for the bouncing boobs

b) I like watching baywatch because I have an appreciation of the beauty of a woman's body

c) I like watching baywatch because I enjoy day dreaming about the hot half naked guys rescuing me from the sharks in the ocean and after pulling me back to shore, they all attempt CPR on me and I survive another day to thank them all

d) im a guy, i dont like baywatch for anyother reason than A) and B).

e) Im a gal, i dont like baywatch for anyother reason than C)

f) im neither, a man or woman but enjoy baywatch because i have a crush on David Hasslhof

13. Why are you answering this survey?

14. Why do you think I am writing this survey?

15. If I had my pinky and thumb stretched out on both of my hands, how many fingers do I have?

16. What number has its number of letters in its spelling other than #4?

17. How do you spell the letter C?

18. If a lion and a gorilla got together, what animal do you think they would bear?

19. If a Donkey was the result of 2 other completely different but existing animals, what would those animals be?

20. If you would touch me, where would you touch me?

21. If you would allow me to touch you, where would you allow me to touch you?

22. Did you enjoy this survey, perhaps excluding the last 2 questions?

23. Should I make another survey?

24. How did questions 20 and 21 make you feel?

25. Haven't you realized that I am just as bored as you are?

26. Do you think that the fact that we are both bored out of our brains makes us a team?

27. Hmm? do you? hmmm?

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
    Favorite Answer

    1. A gorilla

    2. If you count the numbers, the outcome is 5.

    3. I think not

    4. "Singing in the rain" Haha, just kidding!! I don't sing at all.. I live on a campus, my mates would make fun of me :D

    5. Sitting at a beach, the sun is shining, with a cocktail in my hand and Josh Hartnett sitting right next to me... :p :D

    6. Okay, this question kind of freaks me out :D Makes me think of Hannibal Lector. I don't wanna know!!! :D

    7. Kalshnikov

    8. Don't know what that is..

    9. Don't know, do you hate Dyson vacuum cleaners so much? :D They look so nice :p (on the commercials :D).

    10. Sitting at a beach, with a cocktail in my hand and Josh Hartnett sitting right next to me. :D I wish!! No, I'm sitting in my room ;-)

    11. I'm going to bed :) It's 12 P.M. in Belgium!

    12. e.

    13. Because I'm bored :)

    14. Because you're bored :p And nosey :D And like to ask questions :)

    15. You'll always have 10 fingers

    16. O

    17. c

    18. option A: male lion + female gorilla = lorilla

    option B: female lion + male gorilla = gion

    19. A horse and a stupid dog :D

    20. I would touch your shoulder (first instinct was upper lip, but it's too close!!! :D )

    21. You can touch my hand ;-)

    22. Yeah, it was a nice survey :) Except for the questions I had to think.. I have been awake for 18 hours now, so I'm a bit too tired for all that brain activity :D

    23. Yes, you should ;-) If you enjoyed making it that is :D

    24. Don't know.. It made me feel like you were close :D

    25. Yes, I have.. It sounds so sad though :D

    26. I guess so.. We have the boredom in common :D

    27. hmmmm.. :p You tell me :D

    Source(s): Me!!
  • 10 years ago


    2)5 is the comon denomonater

    3)no they were all to scared

    4)kelly clarkson bahahaha lol depend's on the day

    5)hmmmmm me as a wizard majic is awsome


    7)idk but the ak is awsome love that gun

    8)never heard of them

    9)idk have a dyson it works preety good

    10)at my apt

    11)i'll be goin bakc to school when i'm done lunch break is almost over

    12) I would say a and b but I actualy have never seen baywatch but I know of it

    13)cause I like answering survey's(;

    14)cause you like surveys also

    15)umm the answer is 3 or 5 but not sure



    18)a liogrillia

    19)a horse and a lama

    20)on the face I like face ;p

    21)on the face I like face ;p

    22)I did enjoy it

    23)heck yeah you should (;

    24)horny ;p bahahaha

    25)I have

    26)ohhhh yeah Y/A for life bahahahaha

    27)hmmmmmmm yup I sure do

  • 5 years ago

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  • Tori
    Lv 6
    10 years ago

    Daaaaamn O.o

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago


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