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What is the tax % for things like clothes in montreal?

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    In Quebec, the tax on clothes is the combination of the GST (Goods and Services Tax) and the PST (Provincial Sales Tax). These may be listed on your bill as TPS (taux des produits et services) and TVQ (taux valeur du Quebec).

    The taxes are applied in this manner. First the GST is charged on the article. Then the PST is charged on the COMBINED cost of the item plus the GST. (They tax the tax)

    So for example:

    Montreal Canadiens Hockey Jersey: $100.00

    Add GST 5%: $5.00

    Subtotal: $105.00

    Add 8.5% PST to subtotal: $8.93


    Grand total: $113.93

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    there is 2 tax the federal 5% and the provincial 8.5%

    example you buy something worth 100$

    100+5% tax = 105$

    105$+8.5% give 113.92$

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    Montreal Tax

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    Further to what was said the QST will increase to 9.5% starting Jan 1 2012

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    In Quebec the GST is 5% and the PST is 8.5% so you pat 13.5% sales tax

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    I think it depends

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