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what is "new military history"? (Canada)?

what is "new military history"? (Canada)

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    Canada is a perfect example, a relatively new independent country with a strong military. I am from the UK and I can tell you Canada stands a much better chance in mass warfare right now than their mother country, the UK.

    Canada and Australia (and any, many more) were ex british territories and before british colonization there was not a whole lot in either areas, little historical significance most people following the same basic routine century over century.

    Canada and Australia were made independent but still remained very close to Britain, they support british wars and traditionally declare war together with the UK. In WWII Canada and Australia both fought valiantly with equal skill to british and american troops, Britain for instance has military experience going back centuries and for a 'new' country to use their armed forces as skilfully as other more historically established nations it is a real achievement, enough to grant independent credibility from the rest of the world.

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