Should I stay with my current employer or take a risk and accept another job offer?

I have been with my employer for several years and it is a very good job, steady and reliable work with a great salary. But I have been offered a new position with an employer who viewed my resume online. The details look good, and the company is legitimate, but the position would be unfamiliar to me, and it would be a completely different work setting; currently I work from home, this new position would require me to have an office in the city..I guess I just need some fresh eyes to analyze this for me.

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  • 9 years ago
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    You have worked several years at a "good" job that's "steady and reliable", and has a "great" salary! I really don't hear any dissatisfaction on your part with your current job. When you change jobs, there is always a period of uncertainty with a new company. You save heaps of time and money working from home versus driving to and from work daily. You did mention that this employer had viewed your resume online. Did you put your resume there recently for some reason, or just looking to find a better job opportunity? If you're bored at your present job, and don't see any advancement in your future, or maybe just looking for a job that will get you out of the house, this may be your opportunity to go a new direction. Ultimately, this will come down to the fact of security. Are you satisfied with the job security you currently enjoy, or do you wish to follow your instincts with "something different"? What would happen if the other job didn't work out a year down the road? Maybe it will get boring. Maybe it will be too many hours. Maybe technology changes make the new job disappear. These are all things to think about. You can never take any job lightly in today's job market. Huge corporations seem to go bankrupt in a short time these days. Its all a gamble, so you just have to decide if it may be possible to return to your old field of employment if the new job doesn't work out after awhile, or does the new job hold the key to your future success. You should be well aware of how difficult it is to find a good job in today's market, so you'll have to decide if you want the security of your current job, or take a gamble on this other employer. Good luck to whatever you decide is for you!

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    what's exceeded off to you extremely by threat is a difficulty some human beings contrive (a remarkable convincing bluff, in different words). sounds such as you're after project extra advantageous than funds. you know what you have now. A static or death industry, an inert lifestyle, broken supplies... you're carrying various costly know-how approximately your cutting-edge place, and your employers know it. they are going to pay to maintain you, yet won't abruptly help your dynamic new innovations. Take a gamble, or ask your self 'what if'. additionally, 7 years is a protracted time to stay in one place - shows a loss of ambition and inflexibility. Time to circulate on.

  • 9 years ago

    Take a little time out to speak with your current boss about the situation. Also, see if there is any way that you can work both jobs part-time, and if you do not enjoy the new position, then regress.

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