What exactly happens in a plane crash?? I need it for my story!?

I'm writing a story where a plane goes down over the paciffic ocean... So what happens when a plane crashes... heres a section from my story ( They just started playing a DVD in the last paragraph)

3 hours later the credits come up and we settle in for the rest of the 12 hour flight. Me and Jess both take off our headphones "Its seems....louder" Jess says

"Yaa!" I agree.... it does sound louder... I open my window, that I closed at the beginning of the movie... me and Jess stare out... its a storm... bigger then any storm I have ever seen. Huge winds... that are black with dirt and dust... mist like rain, with toonie-sized rain to accompany it its loud, as hail, rain and mist slam against our plane, we can see an ocean far, far, far below us, I think it's the pacific... we're too high up to see any actual water but I picture it very rough! Suddenly we hear alarms... I look up... the seat belt light is flashing red, normally its orange, I hear the captin say something no one ever wants to hear: "May day, May day! ________________

Soo any one got any ideas for the ________ like should life jackets come down for them to pput on? what should the captin say??? soo.... thanxxx!!!


*pilot not captin

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    Oxygen masks come down, not life jackets.

    Life jackets are stowed under the seat.

    (Have flown many times before and heard the drill way too much)

    He should something like stay /get buckled no matter what and brace yourselves..

    The "captain" (should be pilot, rather, not captain of a ship) wouldn't yell may day (that's not any kind of pilot code) he'd just be like we are in a terrible storm and prepare for a water landing (sounding very distressed or frantic of course)

    Stewards would probably be going crazy perhaps trying to get people in their seats and also getting safe themselves

    Exits are located near every 10 seats or so on planes on both sides.

    Also perhaps you could say somebody was panicking and flipping through their emergency manual providided on the flight.

    Hope that helps! ^_^

    Source(s): Frequent flier/airplane-goer
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    It depends.

    Sometimes the pilots are instructed to keep the aircraft in the air as long as possible. Other occasions they are expected to keep the plane level and descend slowly. They do, however, have tricks for emergency water-landing. This is when the pilot descends and, when hovering over the water, points the nose of the plane upward so as if to "skid" on the water's surface.

    However, those are the "pretty" emergency landings. If you have little time and power to make a safe landing, passengers are instructed to keep their heads down and covered with their arms. By this time, they all have been given life preservers by the plane staff. The oxygen masks will have been released to help panicking passengers catch their breath. Of course, there will be turbulence and screaming patrons. The plane staff will be in the back of the plane and buckled in their own seats. The plane will descend rapidly and the air-force will be quite tremendous. The nose of the plane will likely be pointed down and hit face-first in the water(killing the pilots as they are up front of the aircraft). If the speed and collision was at its worst, passengers seated up front may also be killed on contact. You will probably see an accordion effect, the front of the plane being crunched toward the back. In other cases, the nose will snap up and detach.

    Either way, debris will be flying everywhere, some people will be knocked unconscious, and the sounds will be deafening.

    Now it's up to you as to how you will portray it all.

    Good luck!


    ~~ ††MeryKheper††

    Note: The pilot will, in most cases, be too busy connecting with the tower to make announcements directly to the passengers. He will probably have a steward telling the people to keep calm. In these situations, the pilot's words are aimed to the radio(to transmit distress calls) and toward his copilot.

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    In a crash from that high? Everyone dies.

    This doesn't make much sense, though. Where would all this dirt and dust come from when they are 3 hours out over the ocean? How can they see it when they are in a storm? And you wouldn't hear the captain say "mayday", or indeed anything else to the tower.

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    Not to be rude, but you have to many ... you should probably just have one period. And if they're over a ocean then they're probably way over the clouds, or at least where no hail would get them (at the very tip of the cloud.)

    Oxygen masks come down first, you usually buckle yourself down. You could have the tray of food/water come down and almost hit the characters arm.

    Second, the tip of the plane usually goes down first; so you might want to put a slight gravity shift.

    Third, they crash. Depending on how bad the crash is, the plane will be flooded by water. And unless the water is shallow, it'll drown all of 'em before they can get out.

    Hoped this helped and happy writing

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