Do lower income people give up power by not paying income tax?

Who cares if they got no skin in the game?
Update: is kept by making sure their taxes dont get started.---?
Update 2: so power is ensured by personal mediocrity
Update 3: @lost-bachmann is a lawyer
Update 4: In 1988, Bachmann received an LL.M. degree in tax law from the William & Mary School of Law.[2][16] From 1988 to 1993, she was an attorney working for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).[17] She left her position with the IRS to become a full-time mother[18] when her fourth child was born.[19]
Update 5: @lost-it could be a trick=like the military and the draft you see....if you dont pay taxes you are disinfranchized-aka who cares...limp
Update 6: and thus the poor if poor and poor should pay a flat tax
then they have a better position-those that pay have position
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