taffy recipe w/ out corn syrup?

ok i need a vanilla taffy recipe without corn syrup. we never have corn syrup on hand and mother wont buy it. so a recipe without it or witha substitute would be awesome! thanks a bunch

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    9 years ago
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    Unfortunately you have to have corn syrup for taffy to turn out well. It is very cheap maybe go buy your own bottle.

    You could make english toffee instead, that just requires sugar, butter and vanilla and some chocolate and nuts to top if you like.

    Source(s): Former candy store owner and confectioner
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  • Here's one..=)

    Salt Water Taffy 1 cup sugar 6 tablespoons flour 1 / 2 cup water 2 / 3 cup honey few grains of salt Mix dry ingredients. Add water and honey. Cook to hard ball stage (265 – 270 F). Pour into pan well buttered. Cool. Pull up porous. Cut into 1 inch pieces.

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