I'm having trouble figuring out the ambition for this faction of characters?

I asked this earlier but wanted to ask again, since i only got one answer to it, (thank you chelsea) and wanted alittle more opinions

This is a fantasy novel idea. Basically I have Houses, and one side betrays the other and assassinates the king, for the obvious reason of taking it for themselves. But besides that i find it a little difficult to give them ambitions for what they want to do. They betray the other side so there would be less opposition in the "race" to claim the throne. Is wanting the power of being in command reason enough to do all this? Or should there be something more, and what?

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  • 9 years ago
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    What if one House lives upon....say, crystal caves that are beneath the ground and the second house is vying for it? Or one house has a well of everlasting youth and so their people can never die of old age or what have you so the opposing side wants to take it as their own. You can always create some kind of object that the other side is wanting. An object that can bring power, riches or fame. OR there's the option of a love story kind of like Romeo and Juliet. And the opposing sides fight each other cuz' one side stole the others princess or something like that. Or maybe there is a secret key that will unlock some ancient burial ground or power source that the other side has discovered? I hope these have stirred some thoughts/ideas for you. Good luck!

  • 9 years ago

    There should probably be a back story, i.e. the houses have been bitter enemies ever since, so the story goes, house A did something to house B, or house A claims it was house B that did it to house A. And then at the end it turns out it never happened.

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