I'm getting a 25.9% in my grade 10 math course, what mark do i need to get a least a 60 in midterms? Please?

I know i'm stupid i just never get math and i'm making changes, getting a tutor, less distractions, because now i know i really need good grades. I have at least 1 test and 2 more quizzes until midterms and i wanna know what marks i need to get on that test and quizzes in order to get at least an 60% average for midterms. I know anything is possible but please help me out:(

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    >Really, you DO NOT need to justify your lack of educational achievement to me or anyone else. Just ask the question and don't worry about what we think (I think nothing of you in particular, good or bad).

    You need to look at how many points total you have during the entire course. Most teachers explain this at the beginning of a course, so if you don't know for sure, then don't be afraid to ask. As a matter of fact, if you are failing, the best thing you can do is go talk to your teacher and ASK for help. That is exactly what I would expect you to do if I were the teacher (of course, I would also be talking to you about why you are failing and trying to help you to pass).

    So now, let's assume that to get an "A" you have to earn 90 - 100 total points of the course.

    B = 80 - 89

    C = 70 - 79

    D = 60 - 69 (in other words, you want to earn a D for a score!??? Why so low?)

    F = anything less than 60

    Let's say the teacher has broken up the 100 available points to:

    Being in class or lecture: 30 points (of which 10 points comes from a weekly quiz)

    Being in lab and completing all lab work: 20 points

    Submitting one term paper on time: 10 points

    Mid-term: 20 points

    Final exam: 20 points

    So far, you have not done the mid-term which means your 25.9% really is based on course work you are achieving before the mid-term which means that your lecture + lab and all homework has added up to th 25.9% of the total so far (what happened, didn't do your homework? Missed classes or labs?). Let's say that your current score is is right on up to just before the mid-term and so you are half way through the course (about). So that means that 1/2 of the points you could have gotten from being in class or lecture, being in labs and passing weekly quizes is already gone. That adds up to 50% or 50 points of which you have gotten:

    50 x .259 = 12.95 points and LOST 50 - 12.95 = 37.05 points

    So this is like saying then - that you have only 100 points - 37.05 points = 62.95 points total (including what you already earned). This means then, that you had better get a PERFECT score on your mid-term, your final and all the remaining work JUST to earn a 62.95 aveage. In other words, if you can withdraw from the course at this point, you would be smart to do so because after a 25.9% average, how can you ever expect to pull straight A's with the remaining work you are facing?

    I suggest you see the teacher and maybe your counselor and withdraw from the course before its too late to do so. Either that, or you had better ACE the remaining part of your course or you are going to fail (most likely). Right now, even if you aced the rest of the course, based on the grade level I show, you can only earn a D or barely passing.

    The only other thing I can think of is, that the teacher has a much lower passing grade curve than what I set above. Of course you did not mention any grade curve like that, so all I can do is go with standard grading level.

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  • 9 years ago

    Just study harder

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