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iTunes won't let me add new music?

I'm on a macbook, using OSX 10.5.8, my itunes is the newest version, and the files work in quicktime, so it's not them, any thoughts as to what might be wrong?

I was having issues before where I had to force quit itunes to quit, but that has since stopped.


They are all MP3 files.

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    Where did you get the music files? And, are you able to log-in to the iTunes Store, and see all your music purchases?

    Then, if you bought them from the iTunes Store, they should "just be there".

    BUT, if you got them from other sources, like FrostWire, or Torrents, that may be the real problem. What file format are they in: MP3, OGG, AAC, or?

    Please re-post and tell us that, and maybe we can help further.

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