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What Should I get PS3 Slim or A wireless adaption for my xbox?

Making A new Game room


I enjoy the Ps2 more than the xbox

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    PlayStation 3 is more than just a gaming system, it is an entire entertainment experience! Music, photos, videos, Blu-ray movies (unbeatable picture!), and high definition gaming... what more could you need from a gaming system? Not to mention the FREE Playstation Network online gaming. The Playstation store is easy to navigate and always updated with the latest tv episodes, movies, games, demos, etc. The sleek Sony controller doesn't feel too bloated like the xbox 360 controller. I have this system running for hours every night, whether I'm playing online gaming, watching a blu-ray high definition movie, or listening to music. Definitely worth the money!

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    The Playstation 3 is perfect. This will be my second one because I need one for the bedroom. I have a phat ps3 and now a new slim. The slim is much smaller and stealthy quiet. So far I like it more and it stays cleaner looking than the phat but i do miss the touch sensitive buttons. I've owned a ps3 for 4 years with no problems and i love it. great blu ray, best games, surround sound, full hd, and the free psn. Nothing compairs

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    Better yet...why not buy the Xbox 360 slim?You can get either the 4GB model or the 250GB model.It is very hard to get the wireless adapters for the older 360s now days as Microsoft only makes the Xbox 360 slim now.

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    You should get a WiFi N Go Network adapter for Xbox. On Ebay you can buy it from this guy I bought from for $20 bucks cheaper than in Walmart. Walmart price for not original is $67.99. Not only is the price different but it isn't even original it is made by Dynex I think. This is the guy's name: wanghonmei-ey and here is the link:

    I just got my adapter yesterday and it works great.

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