What is an alternative to a career as a licensed clinical psychologist?

My Psychology professor said I could call myself an alienist which is an old term for Psychologist. I still thought I might be breaking the law... So I was wondering what is an alternative, such as an Psychic reader, or a Human Resource officer, waiter, bartender, ETC. What would you suggest as a entry level job for the helping profession? I still want to be a Psychologist, but I can't make the money to pay my way into more University.


I'm looking for an entry level career... entry being from High School...That leads to paying for university and living expenses. I have one year of Liberal Arts and I owe $25,000 student loans.

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    Social psychology is a fascinating study that focuses on the psychology of the individual in a group and social interaction. They are distinguished from sociologists in that sociologists specialize in the study of groups. Many social psychologists conduct research for universities and private organizations, while other social psychologists act as consultants.


    Social psychologists must earn a degree in psychology, sociology or anthropology and a masters in science. Most social psychologists will not be able to find work if they do not earn a doctorate. During the doctorate program, students decide if they would like to pursue academic social psychology or professional social psychology. The requirements for a MA in social psychology are 30 credit hours and a thesis with an oral defense. Doctorate students are expected to conduct a one-year research project, complete experimental psychology coursework and a general examination, write a dissertation and pass a final oral exam.

    Applied Social Psychology

    Social psychologists work in the real-world sector of psychology performing experiments and consulting for organizations. Applied social psychologists conduct research in clinics, work as unionizers, assist in the design of educational courses and conduct personality tests.


    Applied social psychologists are expected to have fantastic communication skills. Job experience is preferred, while experimental research is considered less relevant. Instead of research, social psychologists are expected to apply the latest research to real-world problems.

    Academic Social Psychology

    University social psychologists are expected to conduct research for the university, publish this information in academic journals and teach a variety of social psychology classes. Like other professors, social psychologists can earn tenure, though they generally do not earn as much as applied social psychologists.

    Career Prospects

    Social psychology is a growing career with a high demand for social psychologists specializing in health and counseling. The majority of social psychologists earn $50,000 to $70,000 with the top 10 percent earning $110,000.

    Read more: Social Psychology Careers | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/about_4744827_social-psycholog...

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