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Is this guy right -Americans just have too many rights and are abusing the privilege of protest by protesting?

Here is this persons answer -- copy and pasted

Nice try , libbytard, but those clowns making noise and attempting to disrupt business on Wall Street are as pernicious of a threat to the USA as any armed terrorist. They threaten the stability of the financial sector and should be removed , by force, to the nearest deportation dock !


Here is the context of the response -- * my question*

Are the occupy Wall St protesters liberal hippies because they aren't yelling more war less rights?;_ylt=Au...

Is this person -- right -- as in correct -- or the mainstream -- the popular view etc

Americans just have to many rights and are abusing the privilege of protesting by protesting -- Big business vs the people and the cops should just clear the road and revoke what used to be a right but became and undeserved misused and confiscated privilege

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    "the stability of the financial sector" what a joke. This person obviously has no idea what is happening in the world right now. Sounds like a Faux News watcher to me

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    The person that said that is a threat to freedom in America. Whatever talking head he heard it from is worse than a terrorist.

    It is our sacred ******* right to protest. Anyone that says otherwise should be stripped of their citizenship and sent to China.

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