Halloween Costume Ideas?

So this year for Halloween, I have absoloutly no idea what to be, and really no money to spend. What are some ideas of what to be?

I usually just like to wear a dress, and add accesories like hats, and ears or something to make it possible to tell what i am.

And i dont want anything scary, something cute please (;

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  • 8 years ago
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    Ok, here a few ideas.

    -An Angel, wear a white dress, a pair of wings and a halo.You can find instructions (internet) to make homemade wings and halos.

    -A dog, wear a grey, blue or black dress and some ears with a tail at the back.

    -A Pumpkin Girl, Orange dress, and a pumpkin crown on your head.

    -A little piglet, Pink dress and little pig ears and a small tail.

    -The White (or Red) Queen from Alice in wonderland. A white dress a white wig and a homemade crown.

    Hope I could help. Happy Halloween.

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  • 8 years ago

    Be a cat! It's cute but at the same time not like slutty lol

    just get a black dress and then either make or buy some ears and a tail pretty sure walmart or whatever will have them really cheap and then get some eyeliner and draw whiskers and a little nose on

    Have fun |:)

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  • Kandi
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    8 years ago

    Look up cute halloween outfits for teens I looked it up they have some good ideas I just don't know how to send the link here

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    You could be snooki or one of the jersey shore cast members:)

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