Spiritually speaking, does my name look cooler in English or French?

En français: Agnostique Athée Omnisciente

In English: Omniscient Agnostic Atheist

I'm in the mood to flaunt my bilingualism. ;)


@Fidelis: In Latin: Agnostic Atheos Omniscius

Looks cool, but I like the French one the best, personally, because of the accent. XD

Update 2:

@the re-chosen one: That's mademoiselle!

Update 3:

Pfff, ignoramus definitely means what it means in English (ignoramus).

Update 4:

Prove it!

Update 5:

@Lefty: Non, pas en français!

Update 6:

@Fidelis: Meh, I don't want to use characters no one will understand.

@WellTraveledProg: Mais nous savons qu'il n'y a pas un dieu (ou les dieux). ;)

Update 7:

None taken, Fidelis. :)

Update 8:

Yeah, but the English alphabet's nice looking too, oui?

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    9 years ago
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    Can we try Latin, too? =^.^=

    Source(s): EDIT 1: Athevs Ignoramvs Omniscius... Dang, yeah, might not want to go with Latin. EDIT 2: "Agnostic" is Greek. It's equivalent is Latin is ignoramus. Not joking. Not trying to offend you, though! :op EDIT 3: Well, how about Japanese (kanji): 博識者不可知論無神論 (The last part also means "pundit," or even "know-it-all;" there's no separate word for "omniscient," since the properties of Western gods - including omniscience - were unknown when the characters were designed.) EDIT 4: Aww, but they're pretty characters. :o( ;o) :op
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Le francais serait la langue des dieux...s'il y avait des dieux :)*


    * for the non-French speakers: French would be the language of the gods, if there were any gods.

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  • 9 years ago


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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    C'est bien, mais les adjectifs viennent premier, non?

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  • 9 years ago

    Wee, wee Misure.

    Source(s): Excuse my French.
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