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what sword does aragorn use before the narsil?

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    Aragorn never used Narsil. Narsil remained in shards from the time of its breaking until the Fellowship left Rivendell.

    Aragorn carried the shards of Narsil with him, as he proved in Bree when he drew the sword for Samwise, showing that it was broken.

    Elrond's Elvensmiths reforged it into Anduril and Aragorn took it with him when the Fellowship headed south.

    Book canon is far different than Peter Jackson's clumsy rewrites, which he implemented for no real fathomable reason other than to somehow bring the events of the book into a more "cohesive" flow.

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    His sword was called Anduril.

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    Anduril.... took me 10 seconds to find it on Google..... c'mon

    Source(s): google..... and a little effort....
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