Rooney's (Shrek's) Father - Legal Defense?

Not guilty yeronner....!!!

I had to get the money for a hair transplant like Wayne's

Did Rooney jump on Montenegro's Miodrag Dzudovic and give him a good kicking, cuz he resembles the judge or the arresting officer? Every time I see the replay, it looks stupider and stupider............. Very sad. Well overpaid brat.

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    9 years ago
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    Seriously i bet the "brothers" are watching this inside the pen and shouting "warden Bring him to me ! bring him to me!"

    He wont last 2 minutes on the inside unless he joins the Aryan brotherhood or someone like that.

    Because on the first night the first big mean ugliest brother would come up to him and say "Iron ma shirts" i want you to be my "%$$$"

  • 9 years ago

    Don't think the 2 things were related to be honest!

    Rooney played SH!T and when he plays like that for club or country he goes crazy...

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