Is the space between the ears of Big Bang theorists expanding?

I sure don't see Andromeda moving away from the Milky Way.


Right now, the only thing that keeps the Big Bang theory from imploding is dark matter and dark energy. It means we can throw all the other pieces of evidence in support of Big Bang away, since they don't matter if there is no dark energy and dark matter. My other question is: would dark matter and dark energy be needed if the observed red shift is not caused by motion, and the universe is not really expanding? Wouldn't THAT (i.e. redshift is not caused by motion) be a simpler explanation than dark matter and dark energy?

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    9 years ago
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    Watching this documentary makes me think you are right:

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    We dont know that the universe is expanding at all. It is quite possible that galactic redshifts are the result of scattering, i.e. photons losing energy through interactions with particles in the intergalactic medium. More info on that here:

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    What a shame you didn't do any research before posting your question. Had you done so, you would know that the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxies are just two of about 30 galaxies comprising the Local Group. The Local Group is indeed receding from other Galaxy groups in exactly the way predicted by an expanding Universe. You cannot just "throw away" other bits of evidence because they disagree with your contention, and Redshift IS caused by recessive motion despite your claim that it isn't. Having made your statements, you really should provide evidence to back them up!

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    It is an observed fact that most galaxies are moving away from us. Whether the Big Bang hypothesis is true is a different question. It began as one of two competing theories to model the expansion. The other one, the Steady State hypothesis, in which matter is continously being created to "fill up" the expanding universe, didn't stand up in the face of the evidence, and was discarded.

    Where are you getting your information on dark matter and dark energy? Dark matter was introduced to explain the rotational speed of individual galaxies. It has little to do the Big Bang theory. Dark energy is NOT needed to support the Big Bang theory. It was introduced to explain the acceleration of the expansion, not the expansion itself.

    And the only thing other than motion known to cause red shift is gravity -- specifically when a photon moves from a point lower gravitational potential to a higher one. To explain the observed red shifts, you'd have to imagine our galaxy just happening to sit at the point of highest gravitational potential in the universe. And what would be the source of that potential? Plus, since you'd like to believe that the universe isn't expanding, you'd have to explain how other galaxies remain motionless despite this mysterious gravitational field. Doesn't sound very simple to me.

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    And you won't see Andromeda moving away from Milky Way. Space is expanding only between objects that are not gravitationally bound to each other. That's why space is not expanding between the objects in our solar system. That's why space is not expanding between stars in a single galaxy. And that's why space is not expanding between Milky Way and Andromeda. They are gravitationally bound to each other.


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  • 9 years ago

    That's because Andromeda and our galaxy are gravitationally bound and are attracting each other more than the space between them is expending. However, the fact that one galaxy is heading towards us doesn't undermine the observed fact that just about every other observed galaxy IS moving away from us.

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    So-called Big Bang theorists have never claimed that *all* galaxies are moving away from each other. The vast *majority* of galaxies in the universe are.

  • 9 years ago

    That's because we are gravitationally bound to Andromeda. But even if it was moving away you wouldn't see it.

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