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sharing my story that happen today scary/weird?

Okay I was walking since i havent walked my dogs since its been cold today I walked them and when i'm almost done with my walk almost getting home a freaking aggressive husky and a boxer was following my dogs they where almost trying to attack my dogs i picked up my dog my female she is tiny so I was afraid for her my male he will fight back but he will lose,Well good for me came a dude and a chick in a car and got out of the car to help me and I went phew cause I wouldnt control the whole thing by my self I'm not scared of dogs but they where huge and growling and I went running with my dog in my hand and my other dog beside me!!!!


sorry still kind of like scared well a bit now but I was trying to say you think those people are nice to help me because I think so but i'm askingyour opinion cause those dog would of attacked me to.

Update 2:

Yeah I know i was like idk what to do scared cause I really like huskys and all an I saw my female she was scared for her life so i picked her up.

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    9 years ago
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    You were lucky, could have turned out bad for you, scary situation.

    Hope you have informed local police / animal control etc as they sound threatening, and also likely have escaped someones yard.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I'm sorry i don't get the ? here i'm confused did you want to know if they were following your dogs yes they probly were going to attack your dogs if you didn't run or make friends with eachother even though they were growling.

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