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what to wear for halloween?

im 14 and my sister and i wanna be a ladybug and a bumble bee for halloween we r having it homemade, cute, affordable and we want it so we won't freeze (:

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    Well, I guess you will find really a lot of wonderful Halloween costumes for Ladybug or Bumble Bee. You know, they are kind of popular online.

    In order to get the best deal for beautiful, warm and affordable ones, you can take advantage of various price comparison websites.

    As for price comparison, these sites always collect a world of the latest info about prices and new products from different online stores. So, you might find some satisfying results once you search Ladybug or Bumble Bee costumes.

    Here are the results I found on They are really cute. :) Hope they will be helpful for you.

    Ladybug costumes:

    Bumble bee costumes:

    Actually, if you don’t mind getting second hand ones, I just think maybe you can try searching on classified websites, like Craigslist or eBay Classifieds, etc. It’s not uncommon to find bargains on these sites. If you are lucky enough, you might find really good ones. ^.^ just give them a try, if possible.

    p.s. Of course you should search on other price comparison sites, like… there might be many other great options for you to choose from. Good luck!

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