Someone has access to my computer. Need help ASAP?

I went away one day and when I came back there was a lot of things opened on my computer and my mouse has been randomly clicking by itself. And just recently I came back from eating and there was a sticky note saying that I was a "scrubbie, and i shouldnt have joined" So I obviously had gone into something on and irc i use that was bad but i am not sure what... and now i dont know how to get rid of this person that has access to my computer. please help asap

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  • Mike S
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    9 years ago
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    Make sure your remote access is turned off...and also any IM that you have been on recently....go back and make sure your signed out....also take off any IM software on the computer that does not have a turn off teamviewer.....etc

    Then download and scan with these 2 free utilties and remove the infections .........

  • 9 years ago

    change your passwords to all your sites

    scan with malwarebytes free on full


    and facebook is your worst enemy along with torrent downloads----- secure your social site

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