Girls will u date me if so leave a email or a number?

I'm 13 5"4. I weigh 115. I have brown hair. I'm tan. I surf I play soccer I'm goalie/ forward. Obviously single. And also I have glasses. ( trust me I'd put a bullet in my head if they were nerdy)

I'm I'm eastern Florida

I've got a good personality I've been told. And I've also been told I'm funny. Also I can be pretty sarcastic at times. 8th grade.

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  • 9 years ago
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    austin are you asking girls to answer back so you can get a date?

    why not just chat up a girl or two at school to try for a date?

    and at your age, a date is a walk home or a milkshake at mcd's.

    just so you know :-)))

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