Which is more reliable? 1994 T-Bird or a 1997 Cadillcac STS?

Both cars are in excellent condition. Which is more reliable though? The T-Bird has 130,000 miles and the Caddy has 145,000.

Any advice would be appreciated


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  • 9 years ago
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    The T-Bird.NO QUESTION. The STS is a nightmare to work on.It has electrical problems especially with the anti theft system.It has plastic fuel fittings on the engine that can melt if the car overheats and has caused many engine fires.Things that are minor repairs on some cars are major repairs on the cady northstar.For example the starter is under the intake manifold.The water pump is driven by the timing chain and so on.Very powerful engine but when something goes wrong it is cheaper to sell it to the scrap yard.Im not knocking GM all together but the had their share of "whoops".The thunderchicken,wether the V6 or V8,had pretty good engines.The 3.8 V6 was used in alot of ford cars and minivans around that time.The 4.6 V8 is probably the most proven Ford engine I can think of.They have been using those in Crown Vics since 1992. Anyway, stay away from Cadys from 81-02.Good luck.

    Source(s): Shop Owner.
  • 9 years ago

    Well I don't know that much about cars, but if your about gas mileage, then go with the Thunderbird, plus it has 15,000 miles less than the caddy.

    Source(s): My friend sitting next to me.
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