Any tips to invest your money?

Im 20 , just done college, I Have my first job, I dont have any debt so Im saving my money to invest it. I know a little about stocks but I`d like to learn how it works, I would like to know which book is good for begginers and if theres any other good way to invest your money.

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    invest in blue chips such as these..

    they ALL pay dividends..

    Lockheed Martin Corporation ( LMT)

    Chevron (CVX)

    ConocoPhillips (COP)

    Dupont (DD)

    McDonald’s (MCD)

    Intel (INTC)

    Coca-Cola ( KO)

    Kraft Foods (KFT)

    Verizon (VZ)

    AT&T (T)


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    I've read dozens of books and studied the market for many many years. I commend you on being smart enough to learn first before actually investing. What I feel are 2 of the best books are "24 Essential Lessons ..." by William O'Neil. ( Any book by O'Neil is worth the money.) The other book is "Timing the Trade" by Tom O'Brien. You might also want to check out the financial publications Investors Business Daily and Barron's and for online you can learn an awful lot from they have one of the best stocking trading educational websites on the internet and almost all of it is free.

  • I think there is not one single option available. Many options are there like as you said in stocks, even in stocks you have few choices more defensive one is investing through MF where stock market experts and fund managers will take care of your portfolio and you will get return depending on how well MF professionals invest and manage portfolio of shares, secondly you can invest on advice of some technical and fundamental experts who are available as financial planners / financial advisers. You can make investment in real estate and commodities like precious metals like gold, silver, platinum etc here also you can find help available from various experts. All and all I believe one should look for diversity in investment like don't invest all your funds at one go in one sector rather split it in parts which will give you more chances of decent gains

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    With penny stocks you can make 30 percent or 40 percent profit in a few days. Learn here

    The best strategy, if you do have experience type of return on a penny stock, is to sell the stock quickly.

    Of course, it’s easier said than done. The natural thing to want when you see an increase in stock price is to hold the stock and hope for an even larger increase.

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    the ultimate suggestion is to shop as a lot as you are able to and initiate making an investment once you're youthful. i imagine figuring out to purchase "the marketplace" like vast ETFs (secret agent as in yet another answer) or index mutual funds is a nasty flow right this moment. the U. S. inventory marketplace is going nowhere contained in the subsequent 5 years. it would want to bypass up and down little while period yet i might want to be keen to wager it truly is genuinely no more suitable than 5% more suitable in 5 years. (The vast marketplace has in easy words been up 5% considering 2000). i might want to bypass with those investments: human being stocks in severe yielding multinational manufacturers (Microsoft, Johnson and Johnson for instance) rising advance marketplace mutual funds managed US advance funds

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    Taking specific "stock picks" from anyone is foolish and will lead to major investment mistakes. The "experts" really don't know & strangers whose qualifications and motives can never be known is just about the worst thing you can do.

    The best tip, always keep in mind: Risk Control Is Job #1.

    Source(s): Read as much as you can.
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    "How To Trade Stocks" by Jesse Livermore.

    He made $100 million from the 1929 crash.

    Source(s): "How To Trade Stocks" by Jesse Livermore
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