Creating a backup of my access 2010 database?

I have lots of 2010 word, excel, access and powerpoint documents. i have a specific access document i want to be backed up everytime a change has been made to it so there is a copy of it at all times somewhere on my computer. i dont want this done to all of my documents just this one access database. how can i do this

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    9 years ago
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    File/save as whenever I make a change. No reason to make it more difficult.

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    The least complicated way is to have each member of the group with their own replica of Excel create their web site. Then each member could digital mail their paintings to the guy who has the chore of taking the workbooks and putting them mutually into one new workbook. this methodology has the benefit that all people can do their area of the undertaking on the comparable time particularly than waiting for their turn to get right of entry to the workbook. there is likewise much less threat of completely messing up the full undertaking. do no longer use anyone's unique replica to make the surprising workbook by way of fact if some thing is going incorrect you nonetheless have all the unique workbooks to apply to reconstruct a sparkling workbook.

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    Copy and paste?

    Or you can write a VBA macro to Save As... and use a unique identifier like a datetime stamp so that you will always have different file names. Have this macro fired on whatever event you choose.

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