what do i need to learn to make scripts from scratch?

hi i want to learn how to make an ``advanced`` script from scartch like a ptc ,ad exchange, auction, ...and etc site these arent regular sites that uses only html.i want to learn everything from the bottom -up.i know that most of these scripts uses php but that alone doesnt seem to help make a script , i think some kind of programming knowledge is needed which i think is c++.i dont really know about c++lol.i love it if you show a link to learn all these stuff please.i only have some knowlegde of html and i try to learn php online but the websites i found that talks about them only give a short tutorial.i`ll also be happy if you direct me to a cheap book in amazon that can help me.thanks


thanks so much both of you.all links are great!

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    9 years ago
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    PHP is actually better than C++ for web scripting. I think you just haven't been introduced to the more advanced aspects of it yet.

    Some good PHP tutorials are:



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  • 9 years ago

    Do yourself a favor and learn .net. The tools are free for home use, and if you ever want to get into programming as a career, there are a lot of .net jobs out there.

    Go to


    and start with the getting started section.

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