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what pets do you have? what are there names?

I have a weiner dog her name is poppy

I have a yellow lab her name is millie

I have an orange cat her name is carl

I have a 13 year old calico cat her name is genavieve

I have a baby calico name chinese (my baby brother named it that).

i love my pets (: what are yours?

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    cairn/border terrier mix; Grayson

    blue pacific parrotlet; Calvin

    green pacific parrotlet; Millie

    giant african land snail; Sheldon

    giant african land snail; Snailman

    shubunkin; Sheeba

    shubunkin; Shaggy

    shubunkin; Shiloh

    spotted REH gerbil; Chewy

    spotted REH gerbil; Toffee

    REH gerbil; Fosbury

    REH gerbil; Florence

    DEH gerbil; Misty

    spotted DEH gerbil; Yoyo

    spotted DEH gerbil; Pogo

    DEW gerbil; Gerry

    spotted agouti gerbil; Hannibal

    collared agouti gerbil; Fox

    nutmeg gerbil; Tiffin

    slate grey gerbil; Boots

    cinnamon berkshire fancy rat; Holmes

    cinnamon varigated fancy rat; Watson

    black hooded fancy rat; Moriarty

    dove hooded fancy rat; Edison

    champagne striped roan dumbo rat; Darwin

    champagne roan dumbo rat; Baggins

    black roan dumbo rat; Mozart

    wildtype leopard gecko; Seth

    hypo snow leopard gecko; Gravy

    tremper sunglow leopard gecko; Alice

    mack snow stripe leopard gecko; Taz

    tremper sunglow leopard gecko; Murphy

    hybino leopard gecko; Ace

    RAPTOR leopard gecko; Duchamp

    SHTCT leopard gecko; Lady

    high yellow leopard gecko; Lulu

    SHTCT leopard gecko; Lola

    harlequin crested gecko; Remy LeBeau

    yellow tiger crested gecko; Cyndi

    buckskin crested gecko; Margot

    striped gargoyle gecko; Pickles

    reticulated gargoyle gecko; Balthazar

    bosc monitor; Max

    pink-tongued skink; Wilbur

    amel corn snake; Dinger

    candy cane corn snake; Sparrow

    carolina corn snake; Goonie

    ultramel anery corn snake; Mew

    anery stripe corn snake; Felix

    snow stripe corn snake; Salem

    aberrant california king snake; Ofelia

    banded albino california king snake; Donnie

    striped hypermel california king snake; Moose

    striped hypermel california king snake; Sharky

    striped hypermel california king snake; Styx

    hypo brooks king snake; Gilbert

    hypo brooks king snake; Rizzo

    cape house snake; Bruno

    cape house snake; Dela

    vietnamese blue beauty snake; Snakespeare

    taiwanese beauty snake; Rumpelsnakeskin

    bull snake; Terrible Tex

    royal python; Harrison

    kenyan sand boa; Jellybean

    kenyan sand boa; Snausage

    mid-baja rosy boa; Red

    mid-baja rosy boa; Arkham

    desert rosy boa; JT

    desert rosy boa; Frootsalad

    mexican rosy boa; Humbug von Badgersnake


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    i have 5 goats 12 chickens...no 15 chickens 2 guinnies fowls and 2 turkeys ..oh and 4 ducks lol the duck names (2 male and 2 female) peat and repeat load and reload -goats names r (oldest male) rocky (oldest female) adrean (2nd oldest female)marley (twin females phenix and spiris , the guinnies names r Jacqueline and Madeline the chickens( the ones we have named are batista,sarge ,Dr. Phil cookie rutamen sheriff, deputy fluff ,deputy phife ( the last 3 r silkies) then theres margret blondie snow cora donna and bleu (cordon blue lol) ummm.....ohh and mark martin the turkies names r beep(female that makes a beep noise when shes happy) and zoom(who used to b super fast but now takes about 30 minutes just to walk around the house lol) ohhh and a cow names sir loin ok lol all i can remember right now lol

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    i in my view desire descriptive names for a puppy as their call tells you a lot approximately their character..yet although a puppy call would desire to nonetheless be used as a human call yet nonetheless be descriptive of the animal...It purely incredibly relies upon.. I incredibly have a touch chihuahua named Missy and yeah that call to me incredibly suits her. I even have 2 zebra finches named attractiveness and Beast i like their names it says each thing approximately their personalitys lol... What do you desire?

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    - i have a 12 year old orange tabby cat named Tigger (boy)

    - i have a 7 year old light calico cat named Vanessa (girl)

    - i have a 5 year old orange tabby cat named Pretzel (boy)

    - i have a 4 year old gray tabby cat named Elmo (boy)

    - i have a 1 year old dark calico cat named Mommy (girl)

    - i have a 7 month old orange tabby/light calico mix named Yoda (boy)

    - i have a 5 month old dark calico cat named Susie (girl) ..(one of three of Mommys kittens, my grandmother kept the other two)

    - i have a 1 and a half old lop mixed rabbit named Petunia (girl)

    - i have a 7 month old gerbil named Peanutbutter (boy)

    - i have a 7 month old gerbil named Marshmellow (boy) (the gerbils are full bothers)

    - i have a hermit crab that i have for 2 months named Sunset

    - i have a hermit crab that i have for almost 2 years named Sparkels

    - i have a beta fish that i have for about 3 months named Jonny

    - i have a gold fish that i have for about 2 months named Crownie

    - i have a gold fish that i have for about 4-5 years named Cow

    -i think thats itt(: i have a lot and love them all soo muchh(:


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    I have a black lab named Kaidee

    I have a green cheek conure named Casey

    I have a white and grey cockatiel named Lola

    I have a normal pied cockatiel named Frankie

    I have a jellybean parrot fish named Dory

    I have a Jack Dempsey cichlid fish named Jack

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    10 years ago

    My family has 5 cats. There names are Buddy, Toni, Baby, Henrik and Panther (4 boys, 1 girl)

    and 2 dogs, Sadie is our 6 yr old Doberman. Havoc is our 6 yr old Miniature Pinscher.

    All our pets were adopted. :)

    Answer mine please:


  • Emura
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    10 years ago

    A mutt puppy named Bear

    3 guppies that don't have names

    A horse named La Excepion de Piel

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    2 ferrets- Sox (male)

    Luna (female)

    2 female sugar gliders - Eevee (my husbands)

    Zira (mines)

    4 dogs- solid black (male) chihuahua- Oso

    solid dark brown (female) chihuahua- CoCo

    (female) catahoula mix- Diamond

    (female) mini doberman- MiMi

    3 horses- (female) black pinto- Kay (mines)

    (female) brown pinto- Baby Girl (my husbands)

    (male) solid brown pinto- Sambo (24 yrs old)

    7 rabbits- siamese albino (male) flemming giant- Sonny

    red and white (male) flemming giant- Titan

    brown (male) flemming giant- Busta

    tri-colour (male) mini rex- Reese

    albino (female) flemming giant- Icy

    dark grey/blue (female) flemming giant- Emma

    dark grey and white (female) mini rex- Gypsy

    10 pigeons

    17 chicken

    4 roosters,

    2 geese

    3 bany chickens

    1 bany rooster

    2 baby pigs

    1 baby sheep

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    10 years ago

    Pets I used to have

    Husky/german Shepard Named Pepper (had to give her away)

    A black cat named Jasper (died)

    Another black cat Silky (sometimes called Buba) *died =(*

    Beta fish named swimmy *died*

    Then I got another beta fish when that died........swimmy 2

    Then swimmy 3 then swimmy 4 then swimmy 5 then simmy 6 then swimmy 7

    Another black cat (jessica) *ran away before we had to move*

    Another black cat Mimi *ran away with jessica* (jessica was mimis mom)

    Pets I currently have

    Black cat named BooBoo Shinx (usually called booboo) *jessica is his mom to!*

    Black cat named cooky *Jessica was also his mom*

    2 turtles named Turtle and Joe (yes 1 of the turtles is named turtle!)

    Rut (well she ran away........ but I'm pretty sure we will find her......but then again she is pretty old......T_T)

    Well that's all.......man I had a lot of pets!! T_T and lost a lot!! T_T

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    10 years ago

    i have a boston terrier dog named promise (boy)

    a mutt dog named dolph (GIRL)

    i have a kisscadee bird named cill (GIRL)

    i have a cat named banditt (boy)

    i am going to get a rabbit idk the name (girl)

    i have a jack rissle terrier named sandy (boy)

    i have a gold fish named gerogia (girl) her husband died :(

    i have a baby zebra named angelee (girl)

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