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How vast is space really?

It can't expand any further, because deep space (beyond our speck of a universe) never ends in any direction. Just because a star collapsed inside out to form the galaxies we know doesn't mean there isn't a greater movement beyond what gravity vortices will let us see. Black holes can contain other black holes. Spatial order must be constant for any space to exist at all, just like time must be endless for a single moment to exist.


Trust me it was a BIG star. And it was ultraviolet to perfect speed. It wouldn't have popped if it was any slower. What was before that? I said perfect speed, but don't forget there had to be motion at some point. No gravity leaves the past wide open, but the future dictates what reasons are viable and suitable for both speed and motion to exist. Time.

Update 2:

Does it matter where the center of space is? I tried to explain that its relative to something in the future, since motion can reverberate backwards in time (take quantum physics). Anyway you might not understand how we have extra-bazillions of years to keep going. Don't worry about it getting dark out here; I might not be fluorescent UV but I've got high beams and plenty of strobes.

Update 3:

Energy has always existed. How else could God have a thought? That means He didn't create everything. Chew on THAT, grasshopper.

Update 4:

I told you it was going to get cold. Nobody knows how reality works but we're still shivering. I don't miss the warmth of niavety, though, nor do I want to be ignorant. Just be glad we have a little Canadian Mist.

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    Dear Hemmelin

    If u are talking about space and time (materialism...assuming big bang theory) then the big bang not require SPACE out of the saying this after quoting u:

    HAMMELIN: "It can't expand any further, because deep space (beyond our speck of a universe) never ends in any direction"

    The word u said "DEEP SPACE" and ".....IN ANY DIRECTION" are ERRORS the way you think about universe. WHY?

    Because as beyond our universe there is no materialism so there is no SPACE and same time no any DIRECTION, Space does only exist where is TIME/MATERIALISM. And we will unlikely to know what is there coz we are confined in time itself. TIME/MATERIALISM is the measurement of how space is distorted by material things.......and; SPACE is the measure how TIME/MATERIALISM emptied out! This concluded: SPACE AND TIME/MATERIALISM NEED EACH OTHER.

    To understand it better use the example of a passenger in a train running at speed of light........then then the passenger walk in the train from its behind (from point A to point B end point on the train nose) while the train still in motion. Then u will see that as the passenger travels along the train, of course he exceeded the speed of light. but as he/she approach point B (nose of the train) if he continue walking then u expect him to exceed the train nose.....unfortunately he/she won't succeed coz he/she will fall off . This is the reason i am saying we confined in time like a passenger confined in train.....coz the universe is our train and we need it to take us into ENIGMA. But the nose of our universe that always approach universe before us.....has contaminated the enigma......not let us observe what is enigma. At same time can't know how vast is the universe. Also keep in mind that even if u manage to escape universe speed into enigma even if u are just 2 millimeter away from it u wont see it until that distance of 2 millimeters is completely eliminated. In the end u observe nothing and your trip out of time is useless.

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    Okay, you need to check your stuff. A giant star did not explode to create the galaxies, it was the big bang. Everything, everywhere in all of space was so compacted and so hot it all just blew the f u ck up, what was left began to create the elements of our periodic table and everything else with it... The universe is expanding, and it's going faster every second. We've measured the redshifts of galaxies and they're moving at almost half the speed of light some of them. It is extremely vast and open, but not empty. The universe is only 13.7 Billion years old. It might even end someday with the big rip, who knows. Point is, it is expanding whether we like it, understand it, or fathom it.

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    it is not correct. there is somebody else accessible or there is not any longer and in any experience, we can under no circumstances comprehend the version. The prevalence of existence (as all of us comprehend it) is a minimum of uncommon sufficient that it probable happens at an astronomically decrease frequency than as quickly as in each million stars, and communications technologies (as all of us comprehend it) could no longer have the capacity to traveling the gap between neighboring stars intact. for this reason, that's maximum probable someplace interior the community of impossible for any 2 clever existence varieties on distinctive planets to ever bump into one yet another.

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    vaster even than your ability to produce word salad, dude

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    CRAZY vast, bro. EPIC.

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