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HoLLisTeR MoDeLiNG ! help(:?

ok so i heard that to be a Hollister model you have to work at Hollister..? is that true ?

if that is true, what are the requirments ?

i have golden long naturally straight hair, blue green eyes, im slim (size 0) and i'm 14 ! i'm pretty sure you have to be 16 to model for hollister so i guess ill wait ! but if you could give the the qualities you need, that's be great !

thanks !

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    I worked, and modeled for Hollister CO. So I know just a little more than the others.

    A size zero is fine, you're fourteen! I am a size 0 as well, and am completely healthy. It is true that you have to work at Hollister first; on occasion they do scout people out who are shopping (that is what happened to me, and I was hired to work for them, and the next month started doing shoots in vegas..) but MOST of the time, you just apply. (go into the store..there is a computer by the cashier's desk.) you do have to be sixteen. They do look for a specific look, it's the "at the beach" look, as they called it. they don"t want curled hair as in-curling iron curls. your nails have to be trimmed, and your finger nails cant have nail polish on them. Your toes can only be a natural shade, pink, or red. They will get mad if you have a different shade on. You do have to wear their clothes if you're working to be a model there (and if you are in the front of the store:you're concidered a model.) so if you dont shop there, you might not want to work there unless you want to buy new can't have your hair up, or bangs braided (i learned that one the hard way.. hahah) they want your hair to look like you got out of the beach, or shower (: and just dried naturally. The makeup rule is MOST important! especially for your interview! if you have to wear makeup (thats me!) just wear minimal makeup.. like no blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, etc.

    here, i'll break it down for you.

    hair: natural. down. out of the shower look, (no curling, braiding etc. the only braid they'll allow is a side braid. they have a list in the back that will show you the hairstyles you can wear.)

    finger nails: plain. trimmed.

    toe nails: shade of pink, natural/cream/red.

    clothes: dark blue or white/or flannel shirt, skinny dark jeans.

    shoes: flip flops, or vans. (vans have to be pre approved.)

    makeup: minimal to none!

    no jewelry. you can wear a wedding ring, thats it. no earings or anything, unless their small (that's not a problem for you (:

    men can wear a watch & wedding ring.

    tattoos are allowed. (that shouldnt even be a worry for you. hahah

    think that's it ! i know, its alot! good luck ! (:

  • 10 years ago

    Most Hollister models you see on their website started as employees in the store. The requirements are that you need to be cute, have a good body and a friendly personality. There are no requirements for height like there are for magazine or runway models

  • ?
    Lv 5
    10 years ago

    Ugh, gain weight if you can, size zero isn't attractive at all. And I know from having a bmi of 15. Personally not a hollister fan, but if you wanna be in their product photos, you gotta work for them. Look online for job openings, send their human resources staff an email, with photos, see what happens.

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