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The Green Book by Gaddafi?

What's it about? Is an actual book? Is it a recommended book?

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    The Green Book is a hardback book which is still in print and available at amazon.

    The original is in Arabic, but it has been translated into English.

    It is about idealism which is in practice in Libya.

    I think the main part is about participatory democracy and about the source of power in people and "people's power".

    It is an idealism that accepts everyone, but some people think they would do better on their own, in capitalism.

    The Green Book: The Solution to the Problem of Democracy, The Solution to the Economic Problem, The Social Basis of the Third Universal Theory [Paperback].

    M. Al Gathafi (Author).

    Price: $14.95 Prime.

    The Green March; Step One: Every great journey starts with a single step.

    The Green Book.

    Understanding the Green Book & Libyan politics, the easy way.

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    U.S. Department of State:

    Libya's political system is in theory based on the political philosophy in Qadhafi's Green Book, which combines socialist and Islamic theories and rejects parliamentary democracy and political parties. In reality, Qadhafi exercises near-total control over major government decisions. During the first 7 years following the revolution, the Revolutionary Command Council, which included Colonel Qadhafi and 12 fellow army officers, began a complete overhaul of Libya's political system, society, and economy. In 1973, Qadhafi announced the start of a "cultural revolution" in schools, businesses, industries, and public institutions to oversee administration of those organizations in the public interest. On March 2, 1977, Qadhafi convened a General People's Congress (GPC) to proclaim the establishment of "people's power," change the country's name to the Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, and to vest, theoretically, primary authority in the GPC.

    History of Libya under Muammar Gaddafi (wiki):

    according to volume two of Gaddafi's Green Book, which appeared in 1978, private retail trade, rent, and wages were forms of "exploitation" that should be abolished. Instead, workers' self-management committees and profit participation partnerships were to function in public and private enterprises. A property law was passed that forbade ownership of more than one private dwelling, and Libyan workers took control of a large number of companies, turning them into state-run enterprises. Retail and wholesale trading operations were replaced by state-owned "people's supermarkets", where Libyans in theory could purchase whatever they needed at low prices. By 1981 the state had also restricted access to individual bank accounts to draw upon privately held funds for government projects.

    Gaddafi's efforts also improved the average health of Libyans. In 2009, the CIA's World Factbook showed the average life expectancy of a Libyan to be 77 years (only one year less than that of an American citizen).

    During the 1970s, the government succeeded in making major improvements in the general welfare of its citizens. By the 1980s Libyans enjoyed much improved housing and education, comprehensive social welfare services, and general standards of health that were among the highest in Africa.

    Gaddafi, on the Green Book:

    The Green Book is a collection of truths, showing the way for solving the problems of power via democracy, wealth via socialism, and the social basis of the Third Universal Theory. As the farmer, I did not create the fruits, but picked them from the tree and placed them into a basket, The Green Book.

    Gaddafi's 'Green Book' Speech (read in English):

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    I just downloaded this podcast from KFI 640 Radio in L.A. I haven't listened to it yet, but I think it wil answer your question. I'm curious too. Here is a link to the podcast, I hope it helps. Bill Handel is usually pretty knowledgeable.

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