will spybot search and destroy interfere with?

please help!


SORRY SOMETHING GOT CUT OFF I MENT will spybot search and destroy interfere with MSE THANK YOU AND SORRY

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  • sandy
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    9 years ago
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    no it will not but not very good anymore these two ara much better malwarebytes and superantispyware get both will run with MSE with no problem and are free get at cnet.com or filehippo.com

  • 9 years ago

    hi kevin

    yes spy-bot will interfere as it has got a real-time scanner built in which has to be activated the real time scanner is called tea-timer but spy-bot is still a good scanner but there are now better ones namely malware-bytes and superantispyware i have both also as you are clearly worried about adware spyware viruses the best setup would be to use a sandbox which isolates your system from viruses and is very easy to use the particular one i use is called sandboxie i also use malwarebytes and superantispyware and in my opinion one of the best free scanners out there is comodo security essentials the reason i like this so much is it is not a real-time scanner it only scans when you open it and tell it to scan it scans for and cleans every thing adware malware spyware viruses trojans it also has a box you can tick if you want to use the ultimate in scanning to see whats on your system it is called cloud scanning what this does is instead of storing all the anti-virus info in a special file in there program on your computer ( which is why some of the virus programs are so big ) comodo cloud scanner uses the anti virus files on there own server on the net the added bonus of this is when you have programs on your computer they can be interfered with ie the virus scanner can not see the virus because the virus or trojan can be stealth-ed ( invisible to anti-virus programs ) but with online cloud scanning they cannot hide so what you do is make a restore point before downloading these programs and installing them that you should always do before installing any program because if some thing goes wrong you can put it right by doing a system restore it you don't no how to do this do a youtube search on it oh nearly forgot the comodo cleaning essentials is in a comodo folder called x32 also there is another feature built into it called killswitch when you click on the killswitch .exe in the comodo folder called x32 this will check all the running processes on your computer it is a souped up version of the task manager that is built into windows all versions when the scan is finished it shows you all the processes and puts a visible prompt by each process showing you if they are safe or not one of the reasons for having killswitch is when some thing nasty gets on your computer they nearly all-ways have a process so you used to check your processes and any thing you thought was dodgy you would have to google it but now its all done for you automatically with killswitch its really your first line of defence also you can have killswitch running all the time by going into preferences and ticking a box but in your case just open the x32 folder and click on the scanner which is called cce.exe to run a manual scan also leave your internet connection on because when you open cce.exe

    ( comodo scanner ) it updates all the anti virus files automatically well kevin anything your worried about that i have explained to you youtube it to put your mind at rest i have nothing to do with any of these companys kevin i just like there programs and they are all free good luck kevin i hope some if not all of this helps you or any one else that reads it

    GOOD MANNERS COST NOTHING BE NICE HELP PEOPLE ps any damage you may do to your computer or computer software is your responsibility and not mine sorry about that its the world we live in now

  • 9 years ago

    Spybot is not compatible with MSSE unless you disable it's real-time protection (tea-timer). Even if it was compatible, Spybot is a buggy, junk program.

  • Murzy
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    not usually unless there is not enough memory to process both at the same time

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