2000 Blazer starting issues?

Often it's a single click but no cranking, but will start with a jump. The situation is the Blazer is only driven one or two minutes per day (brakes are bad, so I won't drive it very far and only if I must, and the truck has to be moved every night to comply with parking laws is why). Would this daily starting and short drive time cause the battery to drain to the point where there isn't enough juice for a start? If so, how should I let the engine idle to charge the battery? I want to rule this out before dropping the money for a new starter.

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  • Dave
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    9 years ago
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    you have 3 options.

    Take the battery out and bench charge it every 4-5 starts.

    Fix the brakes and drive the car.

    When you move it let it run at 2000-3000 RPMS in park for 4-5 minutes every few times you move it.

    If it still needs a jump the battery is bad. Which is very likely, considering car batteries are never meant to be fully discharged or deep- cycled like you are doing.

  • 9 years ago

    Its not the starter. Your battery is low and by driving for only couple mins a day you're not giving enough time for alternator to recharge the battery, so it just keeps draining. I'd say turn the car on couple times a week, leave it running for bout 15-20 mins to let the alternator recharge the battery.

  • 9 years ago

    If it starts with a jump, how could you even think it could be the starter.

    Your battery is running low, and the alternator will never recharge it, especially just moving from one parking space to another.

    You'll need to get the battery on a battery charger or pretty soon, you'll have to be getting a new alternator.

  • moline
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    4 years ago

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