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Major League Baseball Survey.?

Favorite team? Why?

Least favorite team? Why?

Most annoying fans? Why?

Team with most bandwagons?

Most loyal fan-base?

When was the last time your team won the series?

Where you alive/do you remember?


My Answers-

Red Sox are my favorite. I was born and raised that way. I love them. I am a die-hard fan.

Yankees are my least favorite, for the obvious reason.

Most annoying fans, even being a Red Sox fan, I know some Red Sox and Yankees fans are a**es, others not really.

Yankees have most bandwagons.

Most loyal are Red Sox and Cubs (not being biased).

2007 was the last year, I do remember it.

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    Favorite Team? Mets in 2006 i was a Yankees fan but i was not much of a baseball fan since i was in 3rd grade but that year some kid said the Mets had a better record. Me not being a baseball fan decided to say i was a Mets fan. In 2008 i watched my first Mets game Then around the all-star break when the Mets went on a 12 game winning streak i got obsessed. And now i am a die hart fan for the worst team lol. but now i am in highschool and still loving the Mets and watching every game

    Least fav? Yankees it used to be phillies but i dont mind the yankees they are a nice team what i dont like is their manager is terrible but his players are good so they make him look good and he thinks hes good. Mark Texiera the only reason why he was credible this season was because of the size of yankee stadium. Brian Cashman because he cant let a good damn free agent go and if the yankees get involved in a lawsuit the yankees will go bankrupt with all the salaries

    Most annoying fans? Phillies i went to a phillies game with a Mets jersey on and they threw food at me. So basically phille fans hide when the team is bad but when it is suddenly good they sell out every game.

    Team with most bandwagons? i hate to say Yankees again but it is obviously true. I know people in Cali who like the yankees. If the Mets had 27 WS and were relevant the Yankees and Mets would switch fan bases. yankees fans only come from them winning

    Most loyal fans? Red Soxs even if they know the soxs are out of contention they still sell out fenway. Yea sure they are annoying fans but they are loyal

    1986 :(

    I was not alive until 10 years after

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    Fave. Team? The Bronx Bombers (NYY)

    Least? Red Sox and Phillies

    Annoying Fans? I will admit there are some ignorant fans but yes, the Yankees (And Red Sox)

    Bandwagons? Again, the Yankees.

    Most Loyal? Cubs, a very few majority of Yankee fans, Cardinals

    Last time they won? 2009 and I was obviously there.

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  • Sparky
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    9 years ago

    Favorite team? Why? Texas Rangers, Born in Tx and true to my home state teams And they have an amazing bullpen

    Least favorite team? Why? Yankees, they are over rated like the nba lakers

    Most annoying fans? Why? Cardinals, the fans whine to much

    Team with most bandwagons? Unsure

    Most loyal fan-base? Rangers, never lose the faith in the red white and blue

    When was the last time your team won the series? That happens this year

    Where you alive/do you remember? Im still kicking

    Source(s): GO RANGERS!!!
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  • 1. St. Louis Cadrinals (have since around 2000 when I moved there), uh I ******* live there! 2011 NL Champions and hopefully 2011 World Series Champions!!!!!! :D

    2. Cubs, I'm kinda a Cards fan so yeah....

    3. Uh probably Phillie fans or Dodger fans cuz Phillie fans act like they're the best ever (Which they're not) and Dodger fans are not loyal at all

    4. Tampa Rays, I love the Rays, but they do have a lot of Band Wagon fans XD

    5. Well I might be biased, but either the Cards or Cubs fans basically cause even when the Cards are having a down year we'll still sellout and the Cubs, well just cuz even after 103 years they still sellout so thats pretty loyal

    6. 2006, but hopefully we'll win it this year :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    7. Uh yeah, I'm 16 so I'm pretty sure I was alive, it wasn't that long ago XD

    Source(s): GO CARDS GO!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDD
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    Favorite team? Cardinals. Why? Born & raised in St. Lou. Least favorite team? Why? The Cubs - just because.

    Most loyal fan-base? Again...Cardinals. We have sell outs at the ball park even in bad years.

    When was the last time your team won the series? Hopefully - this year!

    Where you alive/do you remember? From worst to first in 1964 & we beat the Yankees in the World Series.

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  • 9 years ago

    Cincinnati Red, diehard fan for many years going back to the Big Red Machine days in the 1970's

    St. Louis Cardinals, because they are the arch rival of the Reds in same division

    no particular answer to that

    New York Yankees

    could be any of the teams especially those that have been aroun since the 1800's or early 1900's

    1990 against Oakland they swept them

    yes I remember them winning and before that is way the Big Red machine days

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  • 9 years ago

    Rockies because I was born and raised in Colorado.

    Giants because they're annoying.

    Red Sox fans are pretty annoying.


    Rockies and Cubs fans, they both suck but still have loyal fans.

    Never, so I only remember us losing in the World Series.

    Source(s): Go Rockies!!!
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  • 9 years ago

    in order

    -Cardinals- dads side is from st louis

    -Cubs- arch rival

    -yankees and cubs- every year in april "this is the year", in october "maybe next year is the year"

    yankees fans are spoiled people who think they deserve every star and cant take the fact they completely bought their world championchips

    -yankees cause they always win

    -my cardinals won it in 06 and soon to be this year

    - woke up the neigbors when wainwright struck out inge to win it all

    Source(s): baseball fanatic
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


    Red Sox

    On here, Tigers

    This makes no sense

    Don't know


    Of course

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